Sunday, January 1, 2012

Post Christmas Travel Words of Wisdom.

Traveling from Florida to Oregon and back with seven people was quite the adventure. Having a little girl who hasn't been on a plane since we brought her home from Ethiopia was FUN. All of that said we learned MUCH. Here's a few tips.

1. Don't try and pack everything in a carry on. Pay the $20 for the checked luggage and move on. It'll be worth it. Unless of course you want to watch your 7 year old play dodge the people as he RUNS with his rolling suitcase through the airport.

2. Airplane lavatories are too small for an adult and a 5 year old. Nuff said.

3. If you're a germaphob like me the above scenario might be enough to activate the sensitive gag reflex.

4. Don't let your independent 5 year old pack her own bag for the plane. You never know what kinds of small unnecessary things will show up. The same goes for your seven year old or you might have a whole lotta sugar added to the mix in the form of hoarded school treats!

5. Something that does work: Pairing up kids with partners. Worked like a charm. An older with a little one. I love having big kids with little kids!

6. Bring snacks. For the love of all things good and holy the kids are BOUND to be STARVING the minute you board that plane. Snacks were a life saver. Especially since those airlines are so stingy, even with things like water!

7. This is probably the last trip we'll get away with renting a minivan. With all of our stuff and peoples we've outgrown it. I think David secretly rejoices. He hated that thing even if it was only temporary. The minivans only saving grace is the STEAL of a deal I got on renting it. :)

8. When did it become so normal to bring your dog on the plane? Most of you know I'm not a "pet" person. I'm just not. I'm a kid person. :) Every. Single. Flight. Dogs. LOTS of dogs. Dogs under the seat, dogs in the lap, dogs in a cage. Even a cat! Seriously?

9. Air pressure. Bring gum for your child. Oh and make sure you know where it is and its easily accessible.

10. Passing gas. Okay I know this one may shock you. I don't talk about bodily functions on my blog. I just don't. But this one has to be mentioned. Please remind your children that passing gas on an airplane is not pleasant for those around you. I wish I could tell you that my precious angels would never do that but I can't. I forgot to remind my 7 year old about his manners prior to boarding the plane. I'm so sorry passengers on flight #1242.

And with that............

Happy New Year!!!


Shauna said...

lol. Happy New Year! Hope to see you and Dave at T4A this year!

Ruby Claire said...

I prefer Callaloo is definitely right. We have been to HT twice and as far as we are worried it it is the biggest location on earth.

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