Monday, January 2, 2012

12 people. $12. 12 Days. 2012.

We're getting down to the wire with Skylers last bit of fund raising. He's been busy helping with yard sales, listing things on Craigslist, packaging T-shirts and cookie cutters, etc. We're getting close! In order to finish him out we're starting a 12 in 2012 campaign.

The idea is simple. 12 people. $12. 12 days. Essentially is 144 people give $12 he'll be funded. Actually some have already given so we're already part way there. I read recently about micro giving and I love the idea. If many people give small amounts it adds up to bigger amounts and funds others helping others. One of our family goals for 2012 is to give more, love more, share more. Even if you can't give $12 ANYTHING helps.

Taking our 13 year old son to Africa is an incredible blessing. We can't wait to introduce him to the people, the culture, the joy, the pain, we're praying this experience WRECKS him in a GOOD way.

Will you be one of Skylers 12 today?

If you'd rather pre-order a T-Shirt that will also count towards his 12 too!

OR how about an Africa cookie cutter?

Order information is on the right side of my blog.

If you'd like a tax-deductible option you can donate here: (just be sure to specify "Reckless Abandon - Skyler Shubin" in the notes)

For T-shirt pre-order info check out this post:

To see info about the cookie cutters read this post:

Can't donate? Will you consider sharing this blog? Reposting to spread the word? Above all will you pray for us?! We are so grateful. Thank you!!

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