Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday to you!!! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend! We did! I had planned to post this yesterday morning but it was crazy. Life happens. Plus is was cyber Monday and I was finishing up some Christmas shopping ya know. Oh yeah....that and working!

Its the beginning of a new week, full of Gods mercies, new for us each day. Hallelujah! Lord knows I need them!

I've been a bit lax on my Misc. Monday posts and missed yesterday too. Could have something to do with those five people below. However today I'm playing. :) Here goes!

1. Zahra is funny. I've said this before. Some of her words are just too darn cute. For example its "Watey" (pronounced wah-tay with a rolled "r" sound) instead of water. She also says "good morning time" and "sleepy time" when describing what point of the day we are in or how far away those two time periords are. She'll also happily tell you she's from Eastiopia. :) I never want her little funnies to go away.

2. The little miss mentioned above has figured out the wonders of electronics and can use just about any Mac product with great skill. She also discovered her sisters DS and now wants one of her own. Too bad we already bought her Christmas present.

3. Nichol was in a school play earlier this month, "The Boyfriend" to be exact. She was a maid and the production was fabulous. Hopefully they make it to state!

4. I'm sure it was fabulous in part because this guy above was the sound tech. (I'm sure he'll kill me for saying that but that's okay, its my blog and I get to say what I want) :)

5. We went to Disneyworld and met up with some friends this past weekend. It was Zahra's first trip and she LOVED it! She's a daredevil and not afraid of anything. (another sign that God hand picks these kids for particular families, she fits right in) Except the dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom. :) I on the other hand was thrilled to see all the Christmas decorations.

6. Zahra is obsessed with bacon. She wakes up in the morning and says "bacon", "make me bacon", "hey dad, I want bacon". HILARIOUS! She's a nut. (and a little sassy)

7. Word from the mother who is learning the hard way...we have ants currently. I'm not a fan. I actually like it when I find a cluster and can kill them all. Today was no different. As I killed them chanting "die suckas" I realized I have a mimic and my young child now walks around saying "die suckas". Yes, mom of the year....right here.

8. I love coffee. I really love winter coffee. (specifically Starbucks Christmas blend) I also really love it when Coffeemate comes out with Peppermint mocha creamer. It makes my mornings happy.

9. I'm almost done Christmas shopping? Are you? What great deals have you found? How about shopping with a purpose? What'd you find?

10. We did a little "Black Friday" shopping. Its overrated. Yep - sister in laws did you hear that?!?!? I'm OVER IT. Sort of. For this year. I like Cyber Monday. Yep me and my peppermint mocha - finishing up my shopping. Fabulous.

11. Stay tuned for some fabulous swag we'll have here soon! We're headed back to Ethiopia in just 12 weeks! (no we're not adopting again) We've got T-shirts coming soon and some awesome Uganda beads I'll post tomorrow! Great for Christmas gifts!

Have an AWESOME week!


Jaclyn M said...

I LOVE Black Friday!!!! Just love it!!! I know some find it overrated, but I got some amazing deals!!! Even bought a few things for people.... made $50 for standing in line for them :) Hey every little bit helps when your adopting.... We even bought our kids Birthday presents since we know we will save money by planning ahead :) Yay!!

Best deal: a HP touch pad tablet for $99.... originally $500.... Reason I bought it..... it has a translation app I can download So I can know what people are saying while in my son's country :) yay!!

Erica said...

Don't get me wrong I've ALWAYS shopped Black Friday - my family has always made fun of me but this year was OVER THE TOP! Stores opening at 10pm - the crowd was just different and I almost ran over kids in the parking lot because they were running around like crazy!! We did get a couple of great deals so I totally understand! That's AWESOME about the touch tablet! Where was that at?

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he....you are fun!
NO more shopping for me- do all my shopping before November!!! Yep- it's true!!!! WE have 7 birhtdays/adoption days around our Thanksgiving and Christmas- yeah because we don't want any boredom this time of year ;)
So everything is bought ahead of time here!

Kendra said...

We will be in Ethiopia at the same time!