Monday, August 22, 2011

Miscellany Monday - The Better Late Then Never Edition.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1. Today was the first day of school.

2. I'll be 37 when my daughter graduates from high school. I think I aged 5 years today upon this realization.

3. We have a new favorite book in this house. My brilliant sister in law was one of the page layout chicks. The kids love that fact and always point out her name in the fine print of the book.

4. That favorite book is called "City Of Hamburgers" and speaks of funny things. The other night as I finished the book and kissed little Zahra's head she giggled and said "I love that Hamburger book" I said I liked it too. She threw her arms around me and said "I love you mommy Hamburger". You should totally read the book. ;0)

5. Silas' first day of school was fantastic. He let us know that "Mith Dixthin likes hands" after asking him if he got in trouble. He said he often forgot to raise his hand. :) Did I mention that he has an incredible black woman for his teacher? Yes and she is just precious.

6. A boy talked to my daughter at school today. An "older" boy. Her dad asked her if she knew how to "handle" those types. She said absolutely. I asked her 25 questions just to make sure.

7. My youngest daughter often has conversations like this with us. Silas, Olivia no go to bed. Zahra haveta go to bed. Olivia, Silas no takea nap, Zahra always uh takea nap. What for? Or how another one. Zahra no go to school. Nichol go to school, Silas go to school, Olivia go to school. Zahra no go to school. Life is pretty unfair.


8. Silas lost 4 teeth in four days. The tooth fairy is broke. He's now toothless and has gained a really cute lisp. I guess I should mention I also cut his hair. :)


9. So I had jury duty today. I wasn't chosen to sit through the trial (thanks to having a four year old that needed her mama) but it sure was a good day spent meeting new people and listening to lawyers ask the same question 45 different ways. (nothing against lawyers, just speaking the truth in regards to my experience today) ;)

Okay so this is now the LATE LATE LATE edition. Over and out. Have a FAB Tuesday!

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carissa said...

glad you got in just in the knick of time!!!

your kiddies and their first day of school stories are presh! toothless smiles are the best kind (only when you're in elementary school, though).

i will be 41 when my now 2 year old graduates. so you've got me beat, you spring chicken. : )