Tuesday, August 23, 2011

13 Years Ago Today....

I walked into St. Vincents Hospital in Portland, OR and exactly 1 hour 28 minutes later I was a mother for the second time. Skyler, I'm proud to be your mom, so blessed that God entrusted you to your Dad and I.

Yes its true, you started out the most colicky baby I've ever seen, you still hold that record in my book buddy! You challenged me as a new mommy, you tried my patience, and there were days I just cried with you. As you grew into toddler hood you were pure joy, the happiest, most easy going little guy ever. I wasn't sure what people were talking about when they said terrible two's. You were fantastic! Over the years your easy going personality has remained; yet you aren't short on opinions. :)

Watching you grow up into the young man God has called you to be is one of my greatest joys. Seeing you figure out what you believe, how to clearly articulate that and standing firm in it is an honor. Your kind heart, gentleness, and care for others is a testimony of our King. You are such a hard worker and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you this year.

Just for fun.......a walk back in time....

Just Born!

5 Days Old.

Your Big Sister Loves you!

You had some SERIOUS Kramer hair going on for awhile. I didn't want to cut it because you were so little.

You loved hiding in the cupboards!

You were a mama's boy - yes that is absolutely OKAY!
Dad was always your favorite for the rough housing.

Gramma played dress up with you and Nichol then surprised Daddy and I with sweet pictures.

The only time I think I've ever seen Dad in a cowboy hat!

You helped Gilmer drive the tractor.

We always had fun at the beach! You loved being buried in the sand.
Family camp with Gramma and Dzetha was so much fun, we all went on the canoe, you loved it!
Your kindergarten year you had your first girlfriend. Sweet Maddy, she was taller then you but you were such a gentleman, you were two peas in a pod.

Meeting your little sister for the first time.In DC this year for our summer vacation.


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