Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Monday......the Birthday Edition.

1. Whew! What a week! I took Olivia away as her very belated Birthday gift.....we went to the Taylor Swift concert, stayed in a hotel, had a sweet car, and hung out with friends. It was awesome. (hopefully it made up for us missing her birthday completely due to being in Africa) Olivia's love tank was full for sure. :)

2. The rest of my family hung out at home cleaning and making the yard all pretty since summer is here and mama wants some flowers and fresh herbs. They worked hard while Liv and I played.

3. My kids keep me busy, I guess that's what happens when you have five of them. A couple days ago Zahra was slurping her soup and I kindly asked that she refrain. She gave me a slightly annoyed look, ate nicely for two bites and continued slurping. At this point I question whether she understood my request. Her father did not and asked her to please stop like mommy said. She looked him square in the eyes and said "Uh fella gum (I don't like it) that way". I guess she does understand what I'm asking of her. My kid is smart.

4. Yesterday was my 33rd birthday, I received several little gifts from my children, they were precious. The one that perplexed me the most was from my youngest child who sang loudly HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MOMMMMMMMYYYYY as she handed me a handful of dead batteries. She then told me she would NEVER give me her quarters. I totally understand. I don't want to give up my quarters either.

5. Travel agent. I've been asked multiple times if that's really what I do. Yes, yes it is. Its not what I said as a young girl that I wanted to grow up and be but it is what God has allowed me to do for the past year and I have to say I'm blessed beyond measure and I LOVE it! One of the most rewarding things is being able to serve my clients with great prices thanks to humanitarian rates much of the time. Its a joy being apart of peoples adoption stories, hearing the joy in their voices as they book travel. Even when things are tough (like flights getting canceled and being stuck in a foreign country) I count it a privilege to be there for them and work through a plan to make it as easy as possible. What an incredible blessing!
6. Worst Drinks in America - my kids are all about this site. A good old fashioned Good Vs. Bad. I was recently reading off the worst drinks in America. Thankfully none of them are household favorites so I felt a little bit healthier. Check it out! You just might too!

7. So I mentioned that I turned 33 yesterday - crazy to think I'm that old. Really I feel like I'm 29 about 325 days out of the year. The other 40 I feel more like 55. I can't decide if its because I have 5 kids that keep me busy that I feel young most of the time or because of those said 5 kids that make me feel old less of the time. Olivia informed me that since I'm 33 now I've gotten taller. Not sure how that works but hey at least she said taller and not shorter.

8. Having just gone to a chick concert with my wee daughter I've decided that older gentlemen cheering on young singers is not cool. (its just wrong on so many levels) I've also decided that a bunch of rowdy girls screaming go Tay-Tay really ruined my Taylor Swift concert experience. Well wait that may tie with the perfect arm swaying girls with lighted hats and Taylor Swift puff painted all over their shirts. I'll never get the whole "groupie" thing.

9. It occurred to me a few days ago that I have a big family. No, I'm not slow, I promise. I really just didn't think about it. I think we're pretty average in size. I mean we're not the Duggars or anything. I'm not sure when it hit me, it could have been the day my husband brought home the 10 lb bag of macaroni and I almost said "hey we'll never use all that" (
It'll probably be gone by the end of next week) or if it was the day the gal at the grocery store told me I sure had my hands full. (all of my cherubs were being precious as always so I'm not sure what conveyed that message, I guess it must have just been our sheer numbers?? maybe she doesn't have children??)

10. My oldest daughter discovered she can work at Publix when she is 14. That's all she's talking about today. Guess its about time she started paying rent. ;)

That's all folks....I'm back to work.....embassy appointments have arrived and I have some anxious parents that want flights to bring their babies home FOREVAH!

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Grant and Vanessa said...

We are so thankful for all of your help arranging our plane tickets for both of our trips. You are a lifesaver. Thanks so much! God Bless

Grant and Vanessa said...

We are so thankful for all of your help arranging our flights for both of our trips. You are a life saver! Thanks so much, God bless!!!

To God be the Glory! said...

Was looking forward to Miscellany Monday. Totally cracked me up that Olivia said you got taller!!

Alison said...

Happy belated birthday, Erica! I turned 33 this year too (a few months before Jody). My kids love to tell me that I am "bigger" than Daddy! :)

Lori said...

What an awesome birthday present! Even I'd love to go to a Taylor Swift concert! So amazing :) I love your blog by the way!

New follower, please stop on by..

NotaSupermom said...

Very happy birthday to you, young 'un!