Monday, May 2, 2011

We're IN! You Should Be Too!!

I said I'd be posting BIG news today. It's BIG! Really REALLY big.

No we're not adopting again. (yet....ha ha ha ha) Although my husband did nearly turn white the other night when I was perusing the waiting child list.

Waiting kids get to me. These kids are WAITING for their families to find them. WAITING in an orphanage. WAITING. That's so tough for me to think about. I can't imagine what those kids think as they see others leave while they continue to wait.

I think since we've now completed the adoption of two sweet ones that were not baby's and our precious new daughter was on a list very similar to this one. Just waiting. Looking at these lists....well...its something I do often, I pray for those sweet babes and for their families. There were two little ones that caught my eye. One of them has the same name as my sweet niece. They both have a similar story, they are both from Russia and they both need families. I quietly prayed for each of them and closed my screen dreaming of doing more but still not sure what that would look like and knowing full well my plate is full with our new little one home.

Fast forward two days and I read this blog post by my sweet friend Love. - You should read it too. Bottom line is this. One of the two little ones I had prayed over that night is the same little gal that Love had seen and prayed for however many days prior. Not only did she pray but she has taken on the challenge of challenging US to be a part of something bigger. Something HUGE. I talked to my husband and my kids and they are all IN! Each one of us CAN do something to make a difference for this little gal. This little one doesn't have a family yet but this little one desperately NEEDS a family. She is precious in His sight and she is loved by 34 families already. (check out the link list on Love's blog) Thirty Four families that are committed to not only advocating for this little girl but 34 families that want to help slash those adoption fees, to wipe them completely off the map for this little one. To make it completely POSSIBLE for her family to say YES without having to worry about how they will fund this adoption. Money should NEVER stand in the way of a child having a family. Never.

I want you to meet Anika. She's 2.5 - Isn't she precious? Yes, I think so.

Why this little one? Well you can read more about why Love chose to advocate for her. For me she's precious, she needs a family just like every child and while we can't help every single child in one day we can help one at a time. We can help Anika.

Here's Love's explanation on the why:

so, i just want to clear up those 2 'barriers' that are keeping her waiting.
first, the fact that she's HIV+.
if you haven't heard the truth about HIV, you have to visit Project Hopeful.
the truth is that there is ZERO risk of transmitting HIV to someone else through casual contact.
this includes: hugging, kissing, biting, sharing food, taking a bath, sharing a toilet seat.
HIV is very manageable & with proper care, people with HIV have a normal life expectancy.
children with HIV need to take medication twice a day & see their
pediatric infectious disease doctor every few months.
that's it.

the second barrier? i understand that adoption is expensive.
the beauty in that is the way it allows others to rally around you
and bless you. so, i believe that Anika has a family out there.
i want to bless them.
i want them to see her sweet, little face & know.
i want them to not have money be an obstacle.
i want to make the difference for one. for Anika.
[and pray that it ripples, ripples, ripples.]

here is where you come in.
don't run. this is so easy. so fun.
i am giddy with excitement to watch this play out.

This perfectly beautiful little gal has SO much potential. She has a full life ahead of her. She just needs a family to call her very own. Is it you? Maybe! Even if its not will you join me and a host of other people to be an advocate for this little one? To break down the financial barrier for her family to be?

Here's how YOU can be involved!

150 people [you!] have a get together in the month of May.
they invite 9 of their friends to have a night in instead of a night out.
each of those 9 friends [and you!] bring $20 to donate to Anika's adoption fund.
150 parties x 10 people x 20 dollars = $30,000

Anika's life spared from an institution & the hope of being part
of a loving family simply because you shared her story & had
a fun night with your friends in her honor!

Here's what we're doing!

We're hosting a BUNCO party! We're not set on a date yet but that will be announced soon! (so stay tuned locals) It'll be $20 per person/per couple/per family because we really do want to raise awareness while having fun. We'll have you bring something to share to cut down on my expenses so we can give that money to Anika's fund. If you don't feel like you can host your own party but want to participate in ours that's great! Donate your $20 to Anika's adoption fund and then leave me a comment letting me know! We want to have as many people involved as possible in helping this little gal!

I know we're all super busy and my month is PACKED but Anika is absolutely worth it so we're going to make it happen. We're even going to do a special shirt sale with some remaining shirts and all of the money from that sale will go to Anika's fund as well. Its simple folks. 150 parties x 10 people, $20 each = $30,000!

I can't WAIT to see where little Anika's fund stands at the end of May!

Will you join us?


*Ashley Lou* said...

Hi Erica, I found your blog later in your last adoption (of Zahra). I absolutely LOVE this. I mean it. So while we are still fundraising for our own adoption and trying desperately to bring our little one home, I want to help Anika too! I'll donate the proceeds for any of my Journey of Love orders ( placed between now and June 15th to her fund.

She is so beautiful to me...and to her Heavenly Father... When I saw her face I just couldn't help but stop and stare at how precious she is)...Someone here in Earth is going to be able to bring her home and have the honor of raising one of His favorites! What an beautiful story! I want to be a part of it!!!

Also, I missed out on your "Where you live" shirts (insert sad face here) so if you have a woman's large I would love to buy one to support your efforts too!

Love said...

LOVE YOU! love your family! thank you for doing this. i adore how God uses His people. thank you for taking action here for precious Anika!!

Em said...

Can you direct me to the site where she is listed?