Sunday, May 1, 2011

Super Sunday!

This week has been crazy busy, David and I decided a couple weeks off from church for me and the little lady was probably a good idea....I've felt like I've always been a couple steps behind since coming home from Africa. This weekend we did some cleaning and while it helped I still feel behind. Tonight I worked on a couple little clean up projects that needed to be done and a bit of menu planning. I love the Pioneer Woman. She's amazing. I love her cookbook and I love her recipes. Her photography is fabulous and she inspires me on many levels.

Tonight we made a variation of the Fish Taco recipe she posted here: Seriously people. These are amazing. I was out of tilapia and didn't realize it in time so we made due with some breaded fish filets. No, its not weight watchers safe nor is it as good for you as the grilled fish but these would rival any of the typical fish taco. Rubio's out West makes the BEST fish tacos and burritos in my book and these are as close as we'll get here in Florida! They were a total hit with the whole family except for the child who hates everything and he shall remain nameless. ;) Zahra went so far as to pat her stomach and say "Zahra Stomach eh fella gallo". (her stomach REALLY liked it) :)

I'm convinced this southwestern slaw should be on any and every taco!
Speedy little trick.
A happy girl and a happy tummy!

While perusing PW's site I was inspired by a couple other recipes and I think we'll be trying them out this week! Check out this one below?! Chicken salad with feta, corn, and blueberries!! It's perfection! I even have everything for the recipe on hand! YUMM!
Here's the link to the recipe above.

Oh and if you want to see another thing that will grace our table sometime soon.....this yummy salad!!

Yep I'm fully embracing summer!

Check back tomorrow for the BIG something we're going to talk about! YOU can be apart!


Debi said...

Have you tried the Sour Cream pancakes in the cook book? These have become our Sunday go-to Pancakes! YUM!

Debi said...

Have you tried the Sour Cream pancakes in her cookbook? They are our favorite! YUM!!!

The Kashew said...

LOVE PW!!! That Greek salad recipe will be made next week, for sure. I was, literally, drooling (almost choked on my own spit b/c I'm classy like that) while I read and looked at those yummy pictures. I follow a Persian foodie blog that has awesome pics and THEEE best recipes, too. She's like the Persian PW :))

Abby said...

definitely going to try that salad:) YUM!!