Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Week In Pictures.

Super busy week. Work. Kids. Work. Family. Catching Up. We went to the park, played with chalk, grilled out, swam, made cookies, made banana bread, tried new foods, chased bunnies, hung out with friends, did school, learned lots of new things and here's the pictures to prove it. :)

Sweet baby discovers the beauty of PBJ.

Zahra cracks.....err crushes the egg.


Home Project Manager said...

Hi Erica, this is Erika from Orlando.

I recently found your blog from AGCI listserve. Super cute photos and what an amazing Easter gift from God to be home just in time to celebrate the greatest gift EVER!

Hope you don't mind I jumped over to your blog, but how many "Erika/Erica's" in Florida who are in same Ethiopian Program? Of course, you've gone through the process twice and we're not terribly far alone, but I am learning so much from all of you who have experienced this gift.

God bless. Your family is precious! Soooo Cute!

dominique said...

She looks soo much like Silas. The resemblance is uncanny.