Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Under One Roof!

We are home. I could write so much about this past Saturday night but I think the pictures tell a much better story. What I will say is that its great to be home. Living in Ethiopia for a month was incredible. Amazing. Awesome. I wouldn't change it for anything. (I'll write more about that later) However, I missed my kids. Alot. They missed us too and it was a sweet reunion. Here's some pictures from that day and the days following little Miss Zahra's arrival into our family.
Prior to arriving in Tampa....
She's a US Citizen!

We had some time to kill in DC so we took a tram to the Air and Space Museum.

Back in Ethiopia - a few pictures from our last days there.

Coffee ceremony.
Precious baby girl!
Embassy Day!
Our little Ethiopian Princess.
She fits right in with the girlie girls at our house!
Learning new dance moves.

She loves swimming.

While in Ethiopia we celebrated 14 years of marriage. I love him more now then I did on the day I married him. What an incredible journey the Lord has us on, I'm so thankful for my husband. Doing life with him is a total joy. Love you babe. Thank you Lizzy for this photo!
A few more pictures from our home coming. :)

Our FIVE babies!!

Mrs. B has a special place in our family. She has prayed this little lady home for sure. Pure joy seeing them embrace. We love you Mrs. B!
Seeing these two little girls reunited was just precious. Such sweet friends!
My buddy Rachel and our two sweet girls.
Its good to be home. Little Z is doing great! My mother in law has been fantastic helping us as we get adjusted. She leaves today and we are so sad. Love you mom!!

*A big thank you to Lizzy Grant Photography and Ashley Fulmer for the fabulous pictures.*


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Wow oh WOW!!!!! Loved seeing pics of your homecoming soo glad you are home!!!! PRAYING for your family as the transitions...and that BEAUTIFUL reunion are continuing. PRAYING!!

Mama Mimi said...

Love these pics Erica! Especially your little princess in her traditional Ethiopian stunning! Zahra's smile lights up a room! So happy for your whole family!

Cindy said...

Beauty. I am so happy you are all together. Welcome Home!

Abby said...

Oh my!! She is a doll!! Glad you are all home safe:)

Shonni said...

Yea!!!!! She is just beautiful. And congrats on the anniversary.

Melissa said...

Great pictures! Love the one of Zahra in her Ethiopian dress!

Bex said...

Wow, she is so so beautiful! Welcome home!

missy said...

welcome home!!! zahra is SO beautiful! i am sure it is amazing to have your family all together!

Alison said...

YAY, Erica!!! Love seeing the pics of your family all together at last!! And little Miss Z is just beautiful! She is just glowing! All of ya'll are! I am just so happy for ya'll! Praise God for another amazing homecoming!

Rachel said...

Amazing. I love that you're home...all 7 of you. It's like Melissa titled her post a few days ago---can you believe we all get to do this?!?!?!

The pic Dave took of Zahra---spectacular. Props to dad.

And I am so copying the coffee ceremony picture. Your best idea to date. : )

Love you.

Elissa Hill said...

Thank you Lord for their arrival back home!!! What a blessing!
And guess what, Darryl & I will be celebrating our annaversary overseas too! Yeap, while we are in Bulgaria,picking up our boys...too funny!

Aimee- said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family Erica. Pure joy for you all. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. She fits right in. What a sweetheart!!

The Page Team said...

BEautiful family!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!

The Page Team said...

Beautiful family! Praise the Lord!