Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Puzzle & Some Shirts!

My heart swells with joy as I watch our great big God provide for our girls home coming. Words can't express how thrilled we are to be in this place. This has been such an amazing journey for our family and we are humbled to the core, blessed beyond measure, and totally in awe of our great Creator and King. He had a plan for little Zahra before the foundation of the earth, He knew we would be her family long before we ever had a clue. He knows every need and His timing is perfect. Waiting on that perfect timing is often hard. Yet I stand back in awe of what He's already done and what He continues to do. His plans are so far greater then ours. There is nothing I can do but give Him all honor and praise. We have been blown away at what He has done in the last year for our family, our daughter, and the incredible story He is writing. We can't wait to share with Zahra all that God did to bring her into our family. To show her the puzzle with all the pieces carefully put together demonstrating each one of you helping to bring her into her forever family. What a treasure it is to have that.

The puzzle is almost complete. There are a few more I need to write in still but here are some updated pictures. There is still room if you want to join in this journey with us and helping to bring our little sweetie home. You can buy pieces on the left side of our blog, be sure to note what you would like written on your piece. We've been so blessed to read the messages, verses, and names. Thank you for being apart.

Less then 100 pieces to go!
100 Shirts to Meet Zahra Update!

We're almost half way there! Thanks so so many of you we've sold 49 shirts! Just 51 more to go!

In celebration we're doing a giveaway! More on that below! This week we're offering our one of a kind T's AND our slim fit T's in the buy more save more deal! Of course we still have lots of hats, long sleeve and short sleeve shirts over at our SHIRT SHOP too!

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Meli_Mama said...
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Meli_Mama said...

I'm so excited to see the puzzle coming together. I have to ask, are you really good at puzzles? How are you able to put it together upside down???? I'm sorry if you've already answered this somewhere....

Erica said...

HA HA!!! Funny you should ask Melissa! The kids were so excited to put it together we did the whole thing and then took it apart and wrote names on it. They would put it together and now that its on that side I haven't been able to flip it back since its all filled in. Today I started putting the glue on the back so I can flip it and add more pieces since no I'm not good at it and I am going crazy trying! I managed to get a few pieces in tonight but thats about it! Don't be too impressed, do you see I accidentally wrote yours in upside down cause I did it not in the puzzle.... :)

Missionary Hicks said...

I will have to write you a message later, but I do plan on ordering a shirt, now that I have job. :) I am still praying every time I think of you. My heart is overjoyed for you and Z. :)

amyineccl3.11.13 said...

Hey Erica! I ordered my puzzle piece but didn't see where I should leave what I want on it. So, I'm just going to leave it here in the the comments section, if it's too long, just put on whatever part you like. :) Hope your homecoming day comes sooner than you could ask or imagine!

"Cousin Amara's Grammy & Grandfather - Eccl. 3:11"

Erica said...

You got it Amy! :) :) :) :) Thank you!!