Saturday, September 4, 2010

Links I like.

I'm ALWAYS so blessed reading Linny's blog but this post in particular leveled me to tears. I'm asking that you commit with me to praying for James and Cheremi. To praying for their babies in Africa and praying that God would move in HUGE ways for them to complete the adoption process in Africa and that they would be able to bring their babies home. My heart aches for what they are going for. I know the one who writes each adoption story and I KNOW my King isn't done writing this story. Praying that HE is glorified even in this. In the mean time this precious family is in need of prayer. Being surrounded by a group of people that "get it" and who are willing to "hold up their arms" as they struggle through this process. Please join me in praying for them.

Also if you have a prayer request - please join Linny's "Crazy Love Prayer Challenge" so we can all pray for you too.

Its Poppy Dip! Sallee is going to do a giveaway soon and she needs 100 comments on her post before she does. Please comment so she'll do the giveaway and hopefully some sales too. I love her work, her heart, and her passion for adoption.

Sex - don't separate God and sex - Great article. I remember when our pastor gave us the book "Stuff Christians Like" to read awhile back - we laughed so hard! This article is funny but has seriously great content.

This is an amazing testimony from the woman who had acid thrown in her face. In this, even this she is forgiving her attacker and proclaiming the name of Jesus. Beautiful.

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