Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coming Soon! It's A Family Affair! Fund Raiser!

I love getting the whole family involved in the adoption process. My kids have sold lemonade, cookies, and their own items to help bring their sister home. My oldest daughter is working on a collection of jewelry to sell. We're all in this together and we all want our little girl home. Because of that and the inspiration of my precious friend Kim who has done "Dress For A Cause" in order to help support their adoption. I love the idea and with her permission we're doing something similar but this will include items for the whole family!

We have some AMAZING donors and some FABULOUS items included in this FAMILY pack! Stay tuned for more details, we'll be launching this fund raiser early next week!

As a sneak peek on what might be in this fantastic family pack.....
I want to thank the following people/organizations for their generosity in helping to make this fund raiser possible.

147 Million Orphans -

Buoniconti Family

Cornpatch Creations

Gibson Family (Simply Love) -

Hope For His Children

Hunt Family -

It's Poppy Dip -

Jepsen Family -

Jewett Family -

Mama Enat -

Marquez Family -

Maser Family

Mathes Family (OnlyLove Adoption) -

MoonPie-Designs -

Picker Family -

Richards Family -

Schmelzer Family -

Show Hope -

Walser Family

More to come.......

*If your name isn't listed but you'd like to donate something (anything would be perfect) please email me - - We'll be linking to each donor in the official giveaway post and as always we're happy to return the donation favor for your adoption fund raiser!


Angela Hunt said...

Erica! We'd love to donate something. I couldn't find your e-mail address on here so e-mail me at and we'll work it out. :)

_ said...

I might be able to donate a small blanket to your fundraiser depending on when you need it by. Send me an email if you're interested! jameyschatter at gmail dot com.

AGoodKindOfCrazy said...

I'd love to donate a ThirtyOne bag! I'll email you!

Rachel said...

Uh, did she just say Thirty one bag?...ok now I'm entering FO' SURE!!!!!

I wanna win I wanna win!!!!