Monday, September 20, 2010

DisneyWorld + FREE + Friends = FANTASTIC!

This past weekend we were able to get away for a day and just hang out as a family in Disneyworld. Yes this is an awesome perk of living a little over an hour from the park!

This past Spring our family participated in Disney's Give A Day Get A Day program. We shared about our mission trip to Ethiopia at a local rehabilitation center. It really was amazing. We hung out with the residents that live there, shared in
each other's lives and truly left blessed. It was amazing. We later went back and served with them at their annual fund raiser. It really never felt like we served but instead were served ourselves. It was humbling to hear the stories of tragedy, failure, and sadness in these young lives. Yet the story didn't end there - faith, hope, and love has been shown in tangible ways through this ministry. Above all they each knew the love of Jesus. Incredible.

Friday we used the
DisneyWorld tickets we got in return for our "service". We went with our awesome friends and had a blast just hanging out as families. We feel so blessed to have friends with kids that get along so well with ours. Each of them take on the care and keeping of Silas, they all love that boy so much. I can't wait to see them with little Abby added in the mix and eventually our baby girl. It truly is a gift from the Lord and not something I take for granted. These are friendships that will last a lifetime.

Here's our day in pictures. A whole lot of fun, memories made, lots of laughter, and perfect weather made it even better.

Mapping out our next trek.
Silas leading the charge.
My little family.
Our buddies, our pals. Abby girl they can't wait to bring you home!
Oh yeah. We've got the look!
The Kids.
Sweet friends.
Crazy Mad Hatters with a couple Indy Jones' added in.
Joe and Josh star in a movie. ;)

WalBin Crew! Can't wait to see our girlies added in!
"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival."
- C. S. Lewis


Connie said...

So glad to see you had a good day at the park! Just what the doctor ordered, no doubt...hope it was refreshing.

Kelly said...

What fun pictures and a great way to get family time!!

Check out my newest fundraiser--not sure it was a great idea, but I am trying it....I will let you know how it turns out!!

Unknown said...

I found your blog via Our Family Advocating... We brought our daughter, Charlotte, home in May '09 and are waiting for a referral for twins also from Ethiopia! We all took a huge family trip to Disney last spring... We LOVE DW! Looks like you had such fun - makes me want to go back!
Beneath the Acacia Tree

Mama Mimi said...

How fun!

Alison said...

What a fun day! I would love to be driving distance to Disney! So Great!!

Alison said...

What a fun day! I would love to be driving distance to Disney! So Great!!

Janet said...

You rock, my friend!!! I love that you know how to let loose and have some family FUN! Great memories with the kids. Thanks a TON for your prayers. I know you know how much they mean! And thanks for sponsoring the extra puzzle piece!!! I know your family has been praying for orphans, so let me know if you want prayer pieces for them as well. I'd be more than happy to write their names! : )