Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Four More Days!

That's all the time there is left to enter our FAMILY GIFT PACK Fund raiser! It all ends Friday at 11:59pm! I'll pick a winner and announce it here on the blog on Saturday!

Don't forget about the FREE HAT that goes to the 100th puzzle piece sold! We're at 65 right now folks!

Check out the prizes included in this AMAZING FAMILY prize pack below!

Also included but not pictured is the recently added 25 inch BEAUTIFUL Ethiopian cross donated by the precious Alexander Team! Em is consistently blessing my heart, a huge encouragement, and an amazing example of a life lived out in service to our King. We Love You A-Team! (I know you didn't want a shout out but I couldn't help it) Love you sister!

If you get a chance go read the Alexander Blog - they are preparing to take their WHOLE family back to Ethiopia as they partner with Glimmer of Hope and bring water to the village their son is from. INCREDIBLE story! AWESOME God!

Now for the prizes!

All this includes 21 T-shirts, a paper bead necklace, a sterling silver bracelet, a baby car seat cover, two bags, a hat, two wrist bands, a piece of art, an Ethiopian cross, SIX homemade snack bags, a CUSTOM design of your choice, an Ethiopian flag blanket, a Poppy Dip of your choice, and MORE! Don't miss your chance! Buy a puzzle piece/pieces on the left hand side of our blog for entries, share it on FB, twitter, or blog for more entries! Comment here so I can add your name!


Matt and Sarah said...

Hey Erica! I posted it on FB and my blog, I also follow you! Just wanted to know for the entries! :) Thanks!

Sean's Ladies said...

Hi Erica! I don't know if you want these in separate comments or not?

bought $50 in puzzle pieces
shared it on FB
blogged about it

Can't wait to see how God provides!!!!

Kelly said...

Hey Erica--I am a follower and just bought a puzzle piece!! I am thinking you are the queen of fundraising! I hope you make lots and lots of $ to bring your daughter home!! I love the puzzle idea~~may borrow that one later! (Trying to space out our fundraisers!!)

jessie said...

bacame a follower and bought a puzzle peice! praying for you guys!!