Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet More of Our Family.

I can't even tell you how excited I am to write this post. Let's preface this by saying I LOVE being an auntie. Really really really love it. So much that I love spoiling the babes and sending them home. One problem. I live in Florida and ALL of my precious nieces and nephews live in Oregon. I miss them. Like crazy. My nephew is coming in today to stay with us for TWO weeks and that will fill this aunties heart at least a little bit.

But this isn't about that nephew.

This is about my niece or nephew that will become a part of our family through adoption. Yes Davids brother Steve and his wife Angie are adopting a babe domestically. My heart is overflowing!! Really and truly melts me to my very core to watch Steve and Angie start this process. I can't even put into words how much joy that brings me, all of us actually. Us. Our kids. I guess knowing what an adoption looks like might help but knowing Silas and his little sister will have someone else in our family that was also adopted is pretty incredible.

Steve and Angie have been married for 14 years. This will be their first child. One day Angie will have a blog. I just know it. I have faith. I put a bug in her ear. She may not listen. That's cool. I'll blog about her until she decides to cave. Yes I have her permission to talk about her in such a public manner. I even have pictures. I didn't get permission for that. Angie started a blog. I guess she didn't want me writing all kinds of crazy about her. You should check it out over here. Pretty much she just started it. I'm super excited. Angie said she'd be posting again soon. I didn't want to wait to talk about her and Steve so I posted anyways. ;)

Aren't they cute?

That brings me to my point. Remember when I sold Simply Love USA T's over here well I purchased several extras. I've been waiting and praying for the perfect opportunity to sell the remaining few.
I have a limited supply of these shirts. We paid for them all way back who knows when. Being a fund raising family we don't have as much liquid cash laying around to help as much as we'd like. So we're getting creative. We're selling these remaining shirts and EVERY penny (aside from the shipping costs) will go towards our new niece/nephews adoption. Yep. That's right. Buy a Simply Love USA T and support bringing another little one home!

Here's how it works and what I have in stock. On our side bar is a donate button. Each shirt is $25 and includes shipping. Please write a note on your donation letting me know the size and style you'd like. I'll mark the items sold here on our blog so there is no confusion. We have both mens and womens - the mens look just like the Simply Love Africa T's but also include the MAN UP quote on the back. The womens say "All You Need Is Love" on the back. If there is a size you want and we don't have it - let me know, if I have enough interest I may run a pre-order sale later.


Size Small

Size Medium

2 Size Large - 1 Sold


2 Size Small - 1 Sold
Size Large
Size FITTED X-Large


Connie said...

I am on my over to see Angie's blog, but have to tell you how stoked I am too about their adoption. We just ordered one shirt for MJ...if you end up doing an order with kid's sizes, we may end up with ordering a couple more so keep me posted.

Rachel said...

So excited about what God is doing in ALL of the Shubin family!!! So fun!!

Lara said...

That's so exciting! I can't wait to be an auntie. My sister is interested in adoption someday, and I hope she does it. I think one of the blessings of adoption is sharing it with others!

Connie said...

Okay so the kiddos are standing here and I told MJ that I got her one and Paul is not happy that he cannot have one like daddy's...ever think of doing the men's version in a boy's size? Hmmm...just saying ;-)

Mama Mimi said...

I'm gonna share this with our friends who are also adopting domestically....I bet they would LOVE those shirts! =)

Andy and Kiara said...

Me! Me! I want one. Andy said I could buy him one for a belated Father's Day gift. (I was in the hospital with Brooklyn that weekend, so we still haven't celebrated.) He'll take a large. If you haven't shipped the Africa one, you can ship them together. I will paypal you as soon as I know one is still available for him. And congrats! It is wonderful having cousins who are also adopted! :)