Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazy Love Challenge

Precious Linny is doing a Crazy Love Challenge again! Remember awhile back when I posted about that? Linny left an impression on my heart when I saw her first Crazy Love Post a few months back. I had been wanting to do one in the same way and truly loved going through and reading each of your blogs, giving to some of you out of the abundance the Lord has blessed us with. Yes, we have abundant riches, we live in America. I just don't have a padded bank account (honestly it would be so much easier if we did because fund raising is UNCOMFORTABLE) which is why we along with so many others are working our tails off to bring our babes home.

I love what
Linny and her family are doing. They are giving out of their abundant blessings in order to help and encourage families that are adopting or ministering to orphans and widows. Read all about their amazing hearts on the Crazy Love #5 Dance With Me Post.... This sweet family knows what it means to fund raise for an adoption. They know what it means to sacrifice in order to save money to bring their sweet babes home. They know because they've walked that road before.

I am so thankful for their example. For their love for the orphan, the widow, and their passion for adoptive families. Their passion boils over into the actions they take. They are a voice for those that cannot speak on their own.

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute."
Proverbs 31:8

If you are a fund raising family I encourage you to go visit
Blog and enter in the challenge. If you are looking for a way to participate in helping to bring a child into their forever family I would encourage you to go click through the links on the challenge. Pray. Donate. Participate in helping to unite families and change an orphans status to son or daughter.

How can you support us?

Pray. Pray for our daughter in Ethiopia, even though we haven't seen her face we love her. Pray for her birth mama as she makes a very difficult choice for her baby. Pray for us as we wait for Gods perfect timing.

Sponsor a puzzle piece -
Read more about that here - click on the puzzle icon on our side bar to sponsor one or a few.

Buy a T-shirt. See more information on those over here.

Check out my post about Junk Posse jewelry, 30% of each purchase goes to our adoption. Just put "Shubin adoption" in the memo line at check out.

LINNY for reminding us to give sacrificially, to love like crazy, and THANK YOU for speaking up for orphans and widows.

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