Friday, June 11, 2010

Simply Love T-Shirt Update

I've gotten a couple of emails/comments about the T-shirts. Short story these were sold as a pre-order and they should be here ANY day! I'll be packaging like a mad woman to get them out to you. If you ordered a mens T I'll be packaging those first in order to get them in the mail before Fathers Day.

I'll update as soon as they come in but those of you who paid through paypal, you should also get a shipping notification when they go out as well. THANK YOU all for your patience!!!

***Also, I've updated the side bar with the "extras" I have available.

Have a FABULOUS weekend Everyone!!


Calmil2 said...

Do you have any more?? Would like to order one. Thanks, Harmony.

Unknown said...

I am wearing the BROWN one right now! It is AWESOME and comfy! The other day when I was shopping at Trader Joe's it sparked a nice loooong conversation with a couple... *I left just hoping they (1)might buy your T and help you bring home your sweete (2)look into adoption themselves!


Unknown said...

Just found your blog thru my sister Nina,, and saw that you were doing these shirts (she did them too). Fun to read some of your story. We are just about done with our dossier, just need to do the rest of our fundraising for the check we have to write. How did it go with the shirts? We are in the middle of doing our own shirts ( and are using facebook and twitter to promote. Did you do anything else to get the word out there for your preorder? heyiam at yahoo dot com if you want to drop me a line. Thanx!
--erik w/a "k"