Saturday, June 12, 2010

1 in 50 - Update

Remember when I posted This 1 in 50 post back in May - we had a number of people write us, donate, or tell us they wanted to be one of our 50. It touched my heart in such a huge way. People who want to help us bring our daughter home. Many of you gave your full three months, some of you have been donating $30 monthly and others gave one time donations of other amounts. It's amazing to see! That said we had about 20 people commit. Others bought T-shirts, etc. That leaves us about $2250 short on raising our dossier fee once all of those commitments come in. (its actually a bit less then that)

Here's my new challenge: If 40 people give a one time donation of $50 we'll be at our goal. That's it. 40 people $50 bucks. Once we're a waiting family I will feel a slight reprieve on the fund raising front. We'll always have T-shirts and things to sell but the wait will potentially be long and we have some time to raise the next chunk of money. My prayer is that we can close out this goal by the end of the month so we are able to submit our dossier as soon as our I171H comes in.

Actually we started fund raising for the dossier fee on May 17. How incredible would it be to close out this phase of fundraising one month to the day that we started? That's 5 days from today. Its a goal. $2000 in 5 days. Will you join us? 40 people. $50.

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Jon, Lindsay, and the pups!!! said...

We're having a giveaway on our blog..head over and check it out if you get the chance! :)