Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last Call For Simply Love T's!

I'm placing the order today, pre-orders are done as of 12 noon EST. I will have a few extras that I will leave up for sale but other then that its done. You do have time to place an order this morning and I will get it, if the ordering info is still up then you are good to go! Here's the shirts we have to order just in case you missed it some how. :)
Men's Africa Or USA T's with the MAN UP on the back.

The Women's Africa T is pictured above and the USA T is pictured below with the "Orphans are your thing" on the back.

We also have a Children's T pictured below.

Ordering information is on the left hand side of the blog. All proceeds go to support our adoption.


Mary Craig said...

Oh no! I missed it, didn't I? Do you have any Medium "Man Up" shirts left? Thanks!


Bloggin' Robin said...

I love your shirts! Praying for your finances. We are in our first adoption journey. It's encouraging to read about your second! Blessings!