Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Get To Raise A Ransom.

I've debated for the past few days on whether or not to post this at all. After much prayer and some wise counsel I've decided to post about one of the negative things you may encounter in being a fund raising family.

When people don't agree.

Not only will people not agree but they might also choose to share that disdain with you. That happened. To us. Right here on our blog. While deep down it didn't rattle us too much it still hurt. I've had some amazing conversations with people throughout the years and even conversations where we didn't see eye to eye. I love that. I love diversity and I love being able to share in that. I wasn't given that opportunity by this commenter which is the main reason I am posting publicly. I won't share the name because I'm not here to embarrass or "confront" anyone. I do want to address the "concern" and obvious "scorn" from the comment. Without posting the comment here I'll address it with some answers below.

A few facts.

1. We are not "requiring" that anyone participate in financially supporting our adoption. We have asked for support which let me tell you is NOT comfortable for us. The Lord has worked on us in that area and it has taken a lot to even get to the place where we are open about our financial need in order to pay the ransom to bring our daughter home. A humbling spot to be for sure.

2. In our hearts it is an honor and a privilege to help other families who are also raising a ransom to bring their child/children home. We KNOW what the cost is to adopt, because of that we LOVE to help in any way possible to share that burden with other families. With that in mind we don't want anyone to feel "obligated" to give to our adoption. However we know MANY of you WANT to share this financial burden with us and have shared that you LOVE being apart of our story and for that we are grateful. Let me say again we DO NOT want anyone to feel like they HAVE to participate in this with us. God WILL provide in His perfect timing. This is NOT about us. This is about what God has laid on our hearts, about children that need families, and about a willingness to make an orphan our daughter. That's it.

3. If you are questioning if we are contributing to our own adoption PLEASE let me set your mind at ease. YES. ABSOLUTELY 100% YES! We have cut SEVERAL things in order to save money so we can invest in the life of our daughter so that we can help pay her ransom. We will be investing spiritually, emotionally, and financially in the life of our daughter for the rest of our days here on this earth. So please don't think that just because we are fund raising that it means we're not sacrificing. We absolutely are. We are honored to do it.

I want to raise awareness on being a fund raising family and why we feel so blessed that God has not only called us to adopt but called us to RAISE A RANSOM for our daughter. Being a fund raising family is a vulnerable place to be. We have opened ourselves up for criticism by sharing our need, our story, and we've gotten it. We've invited others to be a part of what God is doing in our family and so many of you have graciously embraced that and shared in this financial burden with us. We are so blessed to be on this journey, so humbled that God has called us to this.

Just as much grace has been given to us we will return that grace to the hurtful commenter and pray that their eyes would be opened to the beauty of being a fund raising family. I honestly don't know if I'd want it any other way. Having the support we have experienced through this process is not something we take for granted. To God be the Glory!!


Mrs. Ohtobe said...

It is sad that some folks focus on the wrong things in this world. Keep doin' what you are doing and the Lord will show those folks by the blessings he will heap upon y'all.

beBOLDjen said...

The day after we wrote a donation check for TWICE the amount our adoption would have cost us was the day the Lord cemented in our minds His plan for us to adopt from Ethiopia. Never could we have imagined that timing, or the ways He'd use our need to touch the hearts of others and invite them to be a part of the journey. It was never something we would have signed up for. We would have much rather quietly written a check to meet our own needs... but where's the faith walk in that? God HAD to show up or Jonas never would have made it home.

You're right! being a fundraising family is NOT easy. It's humbling. And, you do have to open yourself up to all sorts of criticism. But it's worth the little bit of push back you'll get from others who can't fathom the work that's happening. I pray more eyes would be opened to the devine provision and unity of Spirit that is poured out over the teams of peole being brought together to bring every child home.

PS- I love that you're calling it a ransom. So good. And true.

Shelly Roberts said...

Soooo have been there. When we were working towards and raising $$ for M's adoption .... while being missionaries .... one of our monthly supporters pulled our support because of what we were doing. That support was like FOOD MONEY for our family. Not only that, the reason that they did it just shattered us. BUT GOD is faithful!!!!! ... and every day that I look at my daughter's smile and see her in a FAMILY instead of in an orphan's bed I am SO THANKFUL!!!!! SO thankful for all the Lord has done in bringing her home.

Our financial situation has gotten gravely worse since our two adoptions. It's not that the Lord hasn't been faithful ... HE HAS. And even as we face struggles we can rest in knowing we are RIGHT where HE put us. It makes me so much more appreciative of heaven. And SO thankful for all He's done for me, a sinner, deserving of NOTHING. He has poured out SO MUCH.

Keep persevering, sweet friend!!! :) And may MANY more orphans find a home because of the lives you touch along this journey! I am thrilled to see it all unfold. :)

Rachel said...

Awesome post. I know it's your heart spilled out. Hugs.

You're not alone in this journey. We are linking arms with you, as we travel the same road ourselves, but mainly as we come alongside to help bring this baby girl home!! We WANT to be a part of it---how sad if you already had all you needed and didn't need our help!!

P.S. Hey I love your thermometer things, and how you are tracking each goal met....hmmm...might steal that idea....; )

Sarah said...

AMEN!! I love you guys, and I love that you are following God's calling as you journey down this road. The Lord definetly has you in a very vulunerable place, and that can be scary all in itself. Everyones call is different, and the Lord uses people in different ways. We are all called to care for the Orphans, some are called to adopt them, some simply WANT to HELP with giving them a forever home. I am continually praying for your family and your journey. LOVE YOU!!

i'm abby said...

hi, i wanted to thank you for sharing this. i am pretty sure my husband and I will be on the journey of adoption in our future and I'm so excited and nervous at the same time- it's encouraging to hear your words and your heart- even in the midst of persecution. i can foresee that being a very difficult thing for myself if/when it happens...but to know that God goes before you (and me) brings peace. I am reminded that Jesus said in this world we WILL face's a confirmation that you are on the right path. if we're not willing to suffer for the sake of Jesus and his children, then we are missing out on a deeper journey with Him.
thanks again and God's peace and love to you.

Mom to many said...

Your post is so well worded AND you are such an inspiration to so many people. It is hard for some poeple to GIVE and then they WONDER how needed it is, but don't let that discourage you. God will be there for all of you every step of the way!

Jenn said...

Love this post! I know it couldn't of been easy to lay it all out on the line...but thank you for it! We want to adopt, but know that right now is not our time. God has spelled that out plainly. But I LOVE that I can help OTHER families raise the ransom for their children. As long as an orphan is being made part of a forever family, that is all that matters! As I continue reading the blogs of all these fund raising families, it will give me the strength when it's our time.

God Bless you on this journey and I am so excited watching it unfold!!

Julie said...

In my opinion it takes so much more courage and faith to walk the path that you guys are on. I am so inspired. We are all here for God's pleasure, God's purpose and Father always knows best. You all including your precious daugter in waiting are in my prayers. Hang tight. Hope, faith and Love, and the greatest of these is Love

Hauswife said...

Hard stuff, babe. To God be the glory!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. You worded everything so well. We too have faced quite a few critics. In fact we have now had two family members stop talking to us over fundraising for adoption and one family member go on a rant on facebook. OUCH.

Just today I got a nasty comment about our campaign ... more OUCH.

Please know you are not alone and we are praying for God's provision for your family. Not just for our campaign... we are praying specifically for your ENTIRE adoption to be paid for.

Blessings -