Friday, May 21, 2010

Precious Friends.

This weekend in our home state of Oregon some amazing friends are hosting a garage sale to raise funds for our adoption. Not only our adoption but the adoption of all the families adopting in our church as well as my brother in law and sister in law!! We wish we could be there!!!

I was blown away when my sweet friend Connie told me about her plan. People stepping out to help bring our daughter home. Not only to help bring our daughter home but other peoples kids as well. When I talked to Connie yesterday she shared that there was a whole team of people coming out to help with the sale. I'm continually amazed at Gods people coming together for the cause of the orphan, it's a beautiful thing. Whether to adopt a child or to help fund adoptions, all of those things are beautiful in the eyes of the Lord.

What's a post without a picture?!!? This is Paul and Silas. :) Connie's little guy Paul and of course my little dude Silas last summer at family camp. Such sweet little boys.

We are SO thankful for your generous hearts! Oregon friends and family WE LOVE YOU and will be praying for all of you this weekend!! Don't forget to take lots of pictures! I want to see!!


Jenn said...

Where in Oregon?? Are they close enough to me I could SHOP?? :)

Yay for wonderful friends and family! <3

Hauswife said...

How awesome is that?! Wonderful.

Kimmie said...

May God bless you all as you reach to live out James 1:27- !

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted