Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seriously Great Giveaways!

There are SO many giveaways going on right now!! Its awesome! Especially if you win something. That's the best part! Only problem is that when there are so many sometimes I miss some or have trouble posting them all along with all the other stuff I want to write about! So here it is.

The CONDENSED Giveaway Blog Post!

Okay so lets get started. Lots of great stuff to post about today.
First you MUST, I mean MUST check out this giveaway:

Right here. Donate. Help 26 families. I don't know any other giveaway out there that makes THAT big of an impact on so many people at one time. Plus there are some seriously GREAT prizes!! The awesome Rockstar family is doing a pay it forward, I love that. They have already been an amazing example to our family, we are so blessed to be one of the 26 families.

Then there is this amazing Love Is Not A Color T-shirt giveaway on my new friend Carin's blog! Great shirt, sweet blog, and an AWESOME giveaway!

To go with your new T-shirt you need a great Necklace and you can go on over to my friend Melissa's blog to check out her giveaway for an Ethiopian coin or beaded necklace!

Once you are all decked out in your new gear you can curl up in the sun with the FABULOUS new book from David Platt - RADICAL! My buddy Rachel is giving that away on her blog.

My super talented friend Tracy at Junk Posse is doing a giveaway for a beautiful Artists of Hope bracelet made in Haiti! Check it out, you'll love it.

And last but certainly not least - there is the Simply Love T-Shirt Giveaway right here on my blog. Check it out. Spread the word. Be entered to win a great T of your choice! Plus only FIVE days left to pre-order your Africa OR USA Simply Love T! Great T-shirt, support our adoption! Perfection!


Thats a lot of giveaways. A lot of chances to win some great stuff.


Rachel said...

Enter me please. : )

Melissa said...

Enter me :D

Jenn said...

I just made this same blog post...LOL. :) Only I was missing the Love is Not a Color because I didn't know about that one. :(

drea said...

Wow...a lot going on! is this for your adoption or something else. I am out of the loop. Not much computer time lately.
love you