Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Double Blessing.

A few months back my dad asked David and I if we were okay with letting Nichol fly to Oregon alone. My initial reaction was NO WAY! Not my baby!! Then we talked about it, prayed about it, and eventually asked Nichol about it. The child could not wait. My dad and bonus mom wanted to start a tradition with each child as they turn 13. A right of passage of sorts. They would pay for their plane ticket to come spend a couple weeks with them in Oregon. This is a precious gift for Nichol, she misses her grandparents (on both sides) and can't wait to visit with all of our family.

Once we got to the point of looking at tickets I remembered we had some miles we could use for her ticket. I called my dad to see if he might want to make a donation to our adoption in exchange for some airline miles. Of course he did! So with that our dossier donations went up and Nichol gets a trip out of the deal! In other words my Dad helped TWO of his grandaughters!! Pretty amazing how God works those things out. THANK YOU Dad and Bean!! We love you!! Can't wait to see another little princess in that picture!!


We Are Family said...

Very cool!

Sarah said...

Awesome!! When is this trip happening??