Monday, April 19, 2010


I am SO excited about this giveaway!!! Seriously cannot handle it! I've wanted to do a giveaway for so long but I wanted to figure out the PERFECT thing to offer. We've got it! I know I've gushed about Tracy over at Junk Posse before. Many. Times. She rocks. Recently I had her design a necklace just for me. When we adopted Silas I wanted a "mothers necklace" but not the kind with all those birth stones and stuff in it. I wanted something very unique to our family. I knew Tracy would be the PERFECT one to do it and have it be all I pictured and more. I started saving my pennies.

About a month ago I contacted Tracy to begin working on my piece. Combined with my saving this is also my Mothers Day gift and I love it. It's amazing. AMAZING. Really really perfect. She's also created it perfectly so I can mail it back to her and have her add our precious daughters name after we bring her home. How incredible is that? She is so sweet and so generous, I really can't say enough about her. She even sent me an extra surprise or two which blessed my heart so much. Want to see my sweet new piece of jewelry? I know you do. ;)

The top tag says "Family" in amharic. Underneath is Africa then under that is the US.

Under the US is my three home grown kids' names.
Under Africa is Silas' name. His baby sisters name will eventually also go there. I love it.

Tracy has also donated a piece of jewelry for some precious friends of ours upcoming fund raiser.

Anyways. Tracy does beautiful work and I think every mama should have a little bit of Junk Posse in their jewelry box. Not only that I love Tracy's heart for adoption, supporting families, and the beauty her work displays from that love. I 100% support Tracy and what she is doing which is why I didn't hesitate for 1 second in deciding that a gift certificate to Junk Posse was PERFECT for my first giveaway.

This gift certificate is a $50 value and can be used towards any of Tracy's designs or a custom piece.

Here's all you have to do to enter:

1. Post about the giveaway on your blog for 1 entry.
2. Post about the giveaway on facebook for 1 entry.

3. Do both and I'll give you an extra entry for a total of 3 entries.

Bonus points entries! This giveaway is more our thank you for your support thus far so please don't feel you must do any of these below. However if the Lord leads we'll be happy to accept and in thanks give you a few more chances to win a great gift certificate in return!

4. Buy one of our T-shirts to support our adoption for 3 more entries.
5. Donate to our adoption fund via the donate button on our blog for 2 entries.

So easy and lots of fun! Many thanks to all of you that have supported our adoption and linked arms with us as we work to bring our sweet daughter home!

After that leave a comment here on our blog and let me know how many entries you need along with your name and email address.

Entries will close at midnight April 26th and the drawing will be the morning of April 27th! Good Luck!!


Team Chain said...

Hi Erica, I think this is great! Put me down for (9)points. i've posted to my blog and FB. I've also purchased (2) t-shirts.

Toni Chain

We Are Family said...

I would love a 'mothers' necklace like that, but I would need 3 countries on mine. FUN STUFF!

Thanks for sharing

Mom to many said...

OK - I think I have it figured out. I had a tough time trying the whole linky thing. Let me know if it is wrong. I have 6 points total. 3 for blog and facebook and 2 for a t-shirt purchase!!

K_I_T_ said... far put me down for facebook and blog link.....What an awesome awesome peice of art!! Awesome.
(gonna go check out your tshirts! Do you ship to Canada?

Teresa said...

L*O*V*E the necklace! What a cool design! I think Junk Posse is the best! I bought a necklace from there when we were waiting for Ruby...I would love a mother's necklace. Hope I win!!
Put me down for 5....I mentioned on blog and facebook and donated to your adoption fund. I love the t-shirts but you were sold out of our fav is the men's shirt in the middle. It makes such a statement!

Lori S said...

Great idea!! Excited that you're adopting again!!

Stutzman's Eight By Grace said...

I did these for THREE enteries-thanks!!!
Amber STutzman

1. Post about the giveaway on your blog for 1 entry.

2. Post about the giveaway on facebook for 1 entry.

3. Do both and I'll give you an extra entry for a total of 3 entries.

Mama Mimi said...

Yay!!! Wonderful giveaway. I've been wanting to purchase a necklace of my own for quite some time now...

I blogged about it and I posted on FB! =)

One request...please pick me! =)

Frances Williams said...

Awesome, I am so in love with that design!! Posted both on my facebook and blog!!
You rock!!

Unknown said...

Hey Darlin,
I facebooked and blogged and donated ;)

Love you guys...this is so fun!

Tracie said...

Woo Hoo, so fun!

The Kashew said...

Hi Erica,

LOVE this giveaway. I never do these things, so you know I REALLY want in on this one lol!

Please put me down for four entries. I posted on FB, Blog, granted my blog has no posts, but anyway lol, and donated to your adoption fund.

Lisa Kashef


Marianne said...

Found your blog through Kevin and Stacie's. Posted your link on facebook!

Missy said...

One entry. Thanks!!!

Rachel said...

Enter me chica!!! Blog and FB! I wanna win!!!

Jenn said...

Yay!! I never enter these type of things, but this one was too good to resist!! I posted on FaceBook and my blog (jmjordan23.blogspot) so that is 3 entries. :) Thank you so much!!!!

Sarah said...

Of course I want to win that!! Her stuff is super cool!! Put me down for 3. I facebooked it and blogged it!! Love you guys!!

Gretchen Magruder said...

Hi Erica! I posted on my blog and excited for your family!!

Unknown said...

Enter me! Enter me! And I just facebooked it too!

Anonymous said...

hey erica! i posted on FB and on my blog!

i guess i get 3 entries?!


Allie said...

Love this necklace! So beautiful! I FB'd, so one entry for me, please!