Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blog Hop & Adoption Update

I laughed out loud when I read my buddy
Rachel's latest blog post. I have a VERY similar post written but I never published it. I love how God works to stir our hearts on the same things. So fun. Anyways - I'm participating in Rachel's blog hop and beings I already wanted to post an adoption update I figured I'd combine the two and re-introduce ourselves as well.

For those of you new to my blog, I'm Erica - I married my best friend David just over 13 years ago. We have known each other since I was 11, pretty much didn't like each other at first. That changed in early high school and I always got along with dudes better then chicks, David was my only confidant. Soon that turned to more and by the end of high school we were in love. We were both raised in Christian homes and loved the Lord but I'm not sure we were willing to give everything up for the cause of Christ. Yep lots in between there but essentially somewhere in our early married years the Lord got a hold of both of us in a big big way and the gospel of Jesus Christ caused us to do a 180 and we started to see things through His eyes instead of our own.

We have four amazing kids. Nichol (12) Skyler (11) Olivia (8) and Silas (5)

The Lord moved us away from everything we'd ever known including our family in 2004. Life in the desert of Arizona was good for us. It was there that God let us know it was time to grow our family through adoption. We brought our precious son Silas home in February of 2008. Through his adoption our family was forever changed and we knew we would never be the same. We could not ignore what we had seen.

In April of last year the Lord moved us again. This time across the country to the beautiful beaches of Florida. While it was not something we would have chosen the Lord clearly said GO. We went. We've been blessed beyond measure and I can honestly say there is no where I'd rather be then the center of His will. It was last summer that the Lord called us again to adopt. Our most recent trip back to Ethiopia this past January was the confirmation that the Lord used in letting us know the time was now. Our precious daughter waits for us and time is of the essence. In His time we will bring her home.

Now for the adoption update! Last week we paid our first fee to our adoption agency. THANK YOU to many of you for helping us to meet this goal! We also submitted our home study paperwork in faith. We don't have all the funds needed to complete the home study but we are CLOSE so we are trusting the Lord to provide those funds exactly when we need them. Glory to the King!!!

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