Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shirt Pictures!

I asked Skyler if he'd model his Simply Love shirt with me. He agreed. I love this kid. He makes me smile and he LOVES his shirt. He wears it proudly and is praying he gets to go to Ethiopia with us next year.

Love this boy.
We've sold 33 shirts as of today! THANK YOU for your support!! If we sell 15 shirts every day for the next 5 days we'll more then hit our goal of 101 T's by January 6th!

You'll want one of these limited edition T's! They are so comfy and share an incredible message! You can buy yours on the left side of my blog! Pre-Orders END on January 6th!
Your shirt/shirts will ship on or around January 19th, just before we board a plane to Ethiopia! THANK YOU for supporting us!


Christy. said...

Nice modeling guys! Whoop, whoop, I pre-ordered mine!!

Excited to wear it while you are in ET and praying that you have a little Gladheim boy to take pictures of while you are there!!!!

Unknown said...

beautiful, beautiful models! Love ya gorgeous girl! are a very handsome young man!

Kari said...

Erica, if you have any extra time today- PLEASE upload your T photos on my blog (Your Photo Gallery) these made me *sniff* Your son is soooo handsome!!! I'm praying for 101!!!!!!! God is so mighty & creative with His miracles.