Sunday, January 3, 2010

10: 2/365

The only pictures I took on the 2nd would be of our T's. I love this one particularly because it shows how much Skyler has changed in the last year and portrays his personality so perfectly. The boy has a style all his own. He rarely takes off his cross necklace (yes, that'd be the one you sent him Ms. Gurske) and he asked for a wallet this year for Christmas which is now also something he rarely removes. With that chain in place I don't know how it doesn't drive him crazy. He decided to grow his hair out and I think I'll have to drug him to get him into a salon to get it trimmed! Add in the rockin' shirt he's sportin' and he's just one great kid! I love Skys willingness to help me with just about anything and his heart for others. This picture captures just that despite it not being that great of a shot. Love ya kid!

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Kari said...

I LOVE THIS PIC!!!! It makes me cry:) The proud look on your son's face melts my heart!!! You are beautiful Erica- inside & out!!
OK- go upload these pics on my blog (Your Photo Gallery) I insist:)) lol