Monday, November 30, 2009

Family Picture Time....

Every year we attempt to capture the "perfect" family photo. I'm pretty sure my kids equate this to a rare form of torture. Its once a year....seriously. This past weekend was take 1. No we don't have the perfect picture. Yet.

This is the last post for the month of November and I think I only missed one day. Phew. I can hardly believe we're already headed into December. Craziness.

Here's a couple shots from our weekend. Oh and a couple from the mini shoot.

David made breakfast for everyone the next morning. It was superb.

The family picture. This weekend is take 2.


We Are Family said...

I loved reading your posts this month. I also love the family photo. It is pretty close to "perfect" if you ask me :) Also, where do I send a donation for your trip to Ethiopia?

drea said...

Cute them. We better get started too...we are slow.
love you girl

Beautiful Mess said...

Love the pics! Your family is beautiful-but hey-you already knew that :)

Danae said...

Cool do you get that vintage look?