Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Haircut Time!

Silas wanted me to shave his head. I couldn't do it. So its just short. Isn't he cute? Yes he is.
I am behind on picture sharing and people have emailed asking how we're doing, how Silas is adjusting with all this moving crazy and I shall post about it all. Just not today. Soon. Oh and this month will be 18 months since we've had our little man home. Crazy! I'm hoping to do a better update on his 18 months forever day then I did on his 1 year. Yeah. Maybe.


drea said...

He is a cutie!! Of course!!
Love you girl. Our paperwork is going to Ethiopia Thursday!!!

Missy said...

He looks adorable!!!

emily said...


Bethany said...



Did you do it or did you take him some where??

He looks GREAT!! He looks like a "Leuly!"

Hoorrraaayyyy for the short hair!!!

Silas, dude.....YOU ROCK THE SHORT HAIR!

Love you all....

Col: Um I am hoping to have the house sold soon and move into a new "pad" so we have a guest room to house you. I'm sure your parents or siblings wouldn't miss you toooo much. My kiddos need you..... I need you!!


Unknown said...

very cute!

missin' you!! Hugs...we need to catch up SOON!! Love ya!

God's Girl said...

He is such a handsome guy! Looking forward to hearing more about everything!

Love you!

Becky said...

He is such a cutie!

megan said...

Aww he is just as handsome as ever!!!

Lauren said...

Seeing that little cute face makes me miss you guys! :) Anyways... he's SO cute!