Monday, July 13, 2009

The Big Move Update!

We're HERE! Much has happened so I'll start back a ways and hopefully catch up shortly! Florida has been good to us so far.
Here's the first update! More to come!

I never posted pictures from our going away party in Phoenix, I was going through them and got all nostalgic again. We made some life long friendships there, we miss our AZ family!!

Teddy and Allen were in charge of youth for the majority of the time David and I served as youth leaders. They became close friends, Teddy is a ball of energy and such an encourager. Miss you friend!!

Dakota is one my youth girls who I had the privilege of watching grow in the Lord and grow into the beautiful young woman she is today. Her sweet sister Jesse has Leukemia which has given Dakota even more opportunities for growth and stretching beyond her years. It has been an honor and a privilege to walk this tough road with her and her family. We are still waiting for word that Jesse is STILL in remission!! Keep her in your prayers.

Love you Kota!!
Josh and Silas. Josh is Silas' biggest fan, David and I adore this kid! He was our "other son".
Little Josh and Silas.....our little man was asking where little Josh was and why he wasn't at our church. Made me so sad!
Skyler and his buds!
Malinda and Lisa threw us a going away party, everything was beautiful and we were blessed to have the opportunity to hang out with our friends and spend some quality time before saying the dreaded goodbye. THANK YOU FRIENDS!!!

Life is still a bit crazy. This move has rocked our world. The details that made it all happen are still unbelievable when I recount them in my head. Going from being a single parent while my husband traveled the country, to wondering if David would have a job in a month, to finding out he would only have a job if we moved across the USA. Not exactly sure what choice to make and relying completely on the Lord for guidance without a sure sign of which way to go. His ways are not our ways but His way is perfect. We rested with that and abandoned all of our own desires to rest in his arms. His way was one requiring complete dependence on Him. His way kept us wondering who would rent our home and where we would live up until one week prior to the big move.

Despite our fleshly desires of wanting to stay in Phoenix or move back near family (the kids really want to be near their cousins) in Oregon the Lord paved the way so perfectly leading to Florida we had no argument. Our home in Phoenix rented to people that love our home as much as we do. God opened doors for a short term lease in Florida so we can get on our feet and figure out what area we want to live in. This house just so happens to have a pool and just so happens to be very close to the ocean. Across the street to be exact. Nothing that we could have planned, so much more then we asked. Gods plan. Gods plan led David to an amazing church that just so happens to be a church plant. A church with new friends excited to come along side us, love us, care for us, and encourage us. Only God. The Lord has made it abundantly clear that this is exactly where He wants us. We are excited to see what God has planned for the future.
"I have learned in whatever state I am, in this to be content" Philippians 4:11

In catch up here are pictures of our time in least part of them! The kids and I were there for a month and there was LOTS of picture taking!

Taking a walk with Gramma.
My littlest man.
Col and Sky.
Cousins! These boys were inseparable!
Twin Rocks Beach -
Paul and Silas! Paul was adopted from Korea, his mama would love to adopt from Ethiopia! (His daddy isn't so sure!)
Gurske Day!! The kids and I hung with Leul and Bethany one day, Bethany taught me how to cut Silas' hair!! She ROCKS! She also saved me BIG bucks!!
Amazing hair cutting chick!

Bethany is an amazing friend, I'm blessed to know her. Love you girl.
Seriously. Cute!
Such hams!
Are we done yet?

The time spent with Bethany was refreshment for my weary soul. She is such an encouragement, we are of like mind which allows for so much to be unsaid. Plus my kids adore Leul and Nichol would live with Bethany if she could! Thanks for hanging friend.

David arrived in Oregon a couple weeks after the kids and I. It was over. We were finally a family and the six months of non stop traveling was OVER! A day at Davids grandparents farm is always a treat. Many memories were made that day.

Dzeda isn't well but Mr. Silas makes his day. He asked where that smart sweet boy was when he found out we were in town. It melts my heart to have this picture.

Aren't they just adorable?!?
Listening intently to the littlest two. It was so sweet to watch.

Checking out the itty bitty apples!

Baboonya loves spending time with the kids. Its so cute to watch her show them all around and tell them stories from back in the day.

Dzeda stayed behind while we trekked around the farm.

Such a beautiful place. Gods creation is absolutely STUNNING!

I'm hoping to get back to regular posting. We'll see. Pray for Bethany and Jeff as they head to Ethiopia this FRIDAY to pick up sweet baby Adey!!! We are SO SO excited for you guys!!!!


emily said...

Yay! Loved catching up. :) Praying for you as you continue to settle.

megan said...

Hey erica,
I am so sad you left AZ you will be missed! I loved getting to know you during our adoption journey... I can't wait to get it up and going again! I had the baby right after you emailed me sorry I didn't reply! Fox came 5 weeks early and spent 3 weeks in the NICU I think one of your kids spent time in the NICU if I remember corectly! It was such a awful experiance but he is home now! Motherhood is an amazing thing! I wish you guys the best!!!

Anonymous said...

fun to see all the pictures from you trip!! what memories you guys have made along the way!!

Julie said...

Moving can be so hard. I am glad you are settling in. How exciting that you are by the beach. That will be so much fun for your kids.


Bethany said...

My dear sweet friend...I love you more!! Miss you in the PNW. We shall talk when we return!!