Sunday, June 28, 2009

On The Road Again.......

We've been reunited as a family, family wedding went well, met my new "bonus" sister and brother on top of all the time spent with our PNW friends and family. A few pictures, the details will come later.

Silas shows off his muscles!

Trinity caught a shrimp!
I love being an aunt! Breaks my heart that we live so far away. Faithy and I's feet and then us just chillin' on the beach.

Only God. My new sis Sierra and I. She had never seen the ocean until that day! AMAZING!
Skyler and his cousin Georgie.
Now we set out for our biggest road trip ever. Oregon to Florida. We made it through Oregon and most of Idaho. Yes I made David stop for the picture! We're stopped for the night and head through Yellowstone tomorrow and staying near Mt. Rushmore. I hope to update with at least a few pictures nightly.

A huge update post will follow after we've landed at our new home in Florida. We covet your prayers as we cover some major roadage! (is that a word? Oh well) Peace out!


Broken In Love said...

praying like crazy..:)
love u all <3

Aimee- said...

Enjoy your adventure! Praying for you guys. Have a blast with all the sight seeing! Take lots of pictures. (which I already know you will) Just don't forget to share them all with us!! Miss you! Hugs!!

Missionary Hicks said...

I'm so glad you had so much fun with your family and friends... I am still sad you had to leave us, though. Enjoy the road trip. :)

Erin said...

Hope you have a great trip! Blessings on your move.

JSTA said...

Drive safely and enjoy seeing this beautiful country. Kinda fitting to be seeing the whole darn thing right around Independence Day. :-) Love and prayers,

Susanz Place said...

fun pix
looking forward to hearing what God is doing in and through you all.
This is a crazy move but WOW when God wants something done, He sure doesn't mess around does He.
I love watching God work

Erica - always remember......
Keep chasing righteousness!!!

drea said...

Great pictures. I will be praying for your transition. Miss you already. God holds you in his hands.

love you friend.

PS. be saving for your ticket back to AZ for when our kids come, I've got to see you there :)

Unknown said...

praying my beautiful friend!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope you remember me. I am Angie Carley's cousin who lives in Tampa. I just wanted to stop by and say hello, and see how your big move is going. Just added your blog to mine so maybe we can chat back and forth. Hope you had a nice 4th of July!

God's Girl said...

As I see the title of your blog, "The Road Less Travelled," I am reminded of God's ways. They are often less obvious; less submitted to; less travelled - yet you have been willing to go where He calls you and in that you will be greatly blessed!
You are, indeed, on that narrow, less travelled road but the best road in the world!

Keep us posted. K?
Love you friend!