Friday, March 20, 2009

Fun weekend!

This past weekend was our annual church picnic. Lots of food, games, snow cones, football, music, and fellowship. Good times good times.

My thoughtful crazy husband has a habit of taking my camera for his own purposes and generally catches people smiling talking at the camera. Here are a few from this years picnic.

Chicken in for its close up!

Didn't you always want a close up of your nose and teeth? Seriously David no one will want to hang out with you behaving like this.

I always feel bad for his victims friends because they never know whats coming or where he might be hiding. He especially has it out for our poor pastor and the guy never seems to catch a break. Good thing he's a great sport else the hubs could be in trouble. ;)

Whats a picnic without face painting? Silas wanted to be spiderman and Olivia was a princess. They had so much fun being painted.

Pretty pretty princess!

Silas and Ms. Lisa the artist. :)


Christy. said...

I love Olivia's toothless smile and Silas' smile is darling!

Unknown said...

What a silly man! Looks like you guys had a great time!

God's Girl said...

Great picture of my hand! : )
Hee Hee!

Mom to many said...

Looks like so much fun!

Missionary Hicks said...

That was a fun time. And I am glad there were no pics of me up there...

steffany said...