Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Count Down Begins....

Its hard to believe its Wednesday! Two more days! Unbelievable that we're already to this point. So much has happened in just this last week.

Sarah got her passport!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! She spent an entire day doing that and is now frantically getting everything she needs in order over the next couple of days. Pray for peace as she packs, gets the kids organized, and her house prepared for ten days without the Queen. :) Damon is going to do SUPER! Sarah and I have been blessed with two of the BEST husbands. Couldn't have asked for better dudes.

Rachael was in a car accident yesterday - late afternoon. Pray for healing, she's in some pain and her poor little car is more then likely totalled. No one was seriously hurt but the 18 year old gal that hit the truck that hit Rachael is pretty shook up. Thank you Father for protecting everyone involved.

With Sarah and I losing our jobs and Rachaels accident we feel under attack and would covet your prayers.

Sarah still needs $200 to hit her $1800 goal. She's going on this trip in faith that God will provide the very last bit before we leave. We're believing that too.

Pray for our families, especially our kids while we are apart.

Pray that the Lord would open doors as we minister to those we come in contact with.
Pray for the 21 other people also on this trip that all of us would be protected against illness and injury.
Pray for the people of Ethiopia that they would feel the love of Jesus through us.

Words can't express how much all of your prayers, donations, and support mean. I've gotten paypal donations from people I didn't even know read my blog. People I've never met. The body of Christ is truly a beautiful thing. One gal in particular sent me $56.30 - she left me a note stating she'd asked her dad to give her Christmas money to a charity. He sent it to her and she in turn donated it for formula, food, etc for the children in Ethiopia. She had some leftover money in paypal and was including that too. This sweet woman sent me another donation since and each time I'm so thankful for what God is doing in the hearts of His people. I don't even know her. Or if I do now I feel terrible because I didn't recognize the email address.

Each one of you have blessed us beyond expression. We are honored to be called to go on this trip and excited to serve the people of Ethiopia.

More soon along with pictures of our massive packing efforts.


Christy. said...

Praying, praying praying!! Love on those kids because God loves them, and because one of them might be mine.... :0)

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

I just found your blog... and I could feel the Holy Spirit while reading... wow!!! I am adding your family to our list of prayer families... We are obeying God and have stepped out in faith to adopt from Kazakhstan...
I also would like to donate out of our adoption fund... totally felt led to do that.. but, I'm not seeing a paypal link or anything... can you please e-mail me with the info on how to donate???
Blessings... and many prayers to you and your family...
Lanetta Gobble

Stephanie said...

I will definitely keep you guys in my prayers! I hope you have a fantastic time.