Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post Thanksgiving.

Silas declares his love for Sparkling Apple Cider. Yes. Oh don't get me wrong he likes the other components of the meal but ask him his favorite? Cider. In a tall glass please. Oh and wait til you see his thankfulness video. Love this boy.

We had a good time as a family. I drug the sweet little fam out for a family photo shoot, they were none to happy but humored me. I don't think they realized what they were getting into. Two hours later we came home. I know they had fun. They had to. Who wouldn't? Seriously. It was fun. For me at least. ;) Here's a little sneak peek.

I did Silas' four year pictures while we were out as well. Okay so maybe I did all the kids but really - alot for Silas because his birthday IS next week!! He's a total camera ham! Came home and our turkey was done, a little too done but done.
We miss our family so much, this was the hardest year since we've moved away. The kids miss their cousins and we always LOVE Thanksgiving. Davids mom has traditionally held Thanksgiving on Wednesday to free everyone up to do whatever they like on Thanksgiving Day. She always has a huge group and its so much fun. This year we settled for a web cam hello. :( We love you all and miss you!!

The meal was FABULOUS none the less!

The table looked good, the kids set it and folded the napkins just right.
This little guy looks ready to eat! Silas' first taste of turkey gets a THUMBS UP! He loved everything for the most part but he says turkey was his favorite FOOD. He tried everything, he's a fan of sweet potatoes so daddy was thrilled. A boy after his own heart. Sparkling Apple Cider was still his top fave! He liked pumpkin pie and cool whip too. YUMM!

Every year we go around the table and share some things we're thankful for. With this being Silas' first year we thought we'd tape it. You know for black mail, I mean memories later on. Sorry for the food sharing here, he didn't want to miss out on food I guess.

When it was over........vegging and getting everything out to decorate for Christmas! David and I braved the Black Friday crazies but accomplished nearly all of our Christmas shopping. YEAH!


I Love Purple More Than You said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! I'm totally loving that family photo. I can't wait to see more! So cool that Silas had such a great first Thanksgiving and loved the food!

Anonymous said...

LOL at the video! Your boy? Thankful for movies and cars?? LOL

Lauren said...

I love the bread coming out of that little mouth while he tries to tell you what he's thankful for. ;) He's adorable.

Hey, but I'm thankful for Airplanes, Cars, movies, and SpyKids too. :)

Heidi Klopfenstein said...

Love it! Video- what a crack up! Yeah, Todd and Josh really like doing family pics too (ha ha- not at all).
Happy Thanksgiving!

Christy. said...

I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with pictures and all!
I plan to take my kids outside this week for some pics. I have to take some 5 year pics of Karsen.
I will be thinking of Silas on his birthday on Wednesday, what are you doing for his first birthday home?

Sarah said...

HA HA! That was too cute! Looks like he really enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner! Was that airplanes, cars, movies and bikes.. funny funny!

atHisrighthand said...

Love the pictures!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!