Monday, December 1, 2008

Its begining to look alot like Christmas......

At least inside the house. Outside its still hovering around 60-70 degrees which doesn't resemble Christmas at all for this Oregonian.

However, its the only Christmas Silas has ever known! Well at least in this capacity. He did celebrate Christmas last year at HOH and we saw the pictures. What a difference a year makes. He was in awe of the tree, he kept touching all the ornaments, putting them all in one spot and proudly telling me to take another picture. I ordered his stocking last year so he would match all of ours and he loved having his name up there, he has no clue what they are for but I'm sure that will change after this year. His little heart is just so excited about the transformation our house has made over the past week.

Here's some pictures of him putting the star on the tree.

The older kids were telling him what the star was for and asking how he was going to get it up there. He caught on rather quickly.

Daddy to the rescue! Perfect!
This is a busy month at our house! Silas' birthday, Silas' referal-versary, Christmas, and all that goes with those big celebrations. Its so exciting to watch Silas take everything in, David and I have really focused on teaching him the true meaning of this holiday season and hearing him tell us about baby Jesus just melts our hearts. He is such a sponge and its truly a blessing to watch him to excited about our Jesus.

More pictures to come..........

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