Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oregon Trip Part 1

Tired and exhausted are we but a fun time we did have. When I thought about blogging this trip I realized there was no way I'd fit a weeks worth of events in one post. We packed a whole lot into this trip and we had a blast with each and every one we were able to spend time with. We needed another week to be able to get together with the ones we weren't able to hang with. :(

I arrived with the kids a day earlier then David - my sweet friend Sarah was alone and she missed me. Yes, I flew alone with four kids and yes it was just fine. With the exception of the heathen child (not mine of course) escorted OFF the plane after we were already heading down the runway and the 90 minutes of paperwork that followed this event. See my sweet perfect angels? ;)

We arrived a few hours late, starving, but in one peice. A visit with my dad, a hockey game for the kids with my brother and his wife. It was a busy first day. Monday we hit the ground running, some shopping is always a good thing, a big thank you to the Pittmans for letting us use their minivan!!! You guys blessed us so much. Thank you! I miss my girls so much! A couple of my long time besties. I think I've known Lora since I was nursery age. YIKES!

Little Silas was so excited to see his Sarrrrrrrrrrah again.

Sweet baby Shylah has grown a bunch since her auntie had seen her. She loves me. Yep Yep.

Six sleepy little sardines packed in a car. Aren't they cute?!

And two hot mama's! Look out outlet mall, here we come!

On Tuesday we hooked up with Bethany and Leul Gurske along with Brooke, Isabell, and Birhanu. We met at the park and had a FAB time with our passel of kids. Building these relationships with other Ethiopian children is so important to us. We love these get togethers, they are a huge part of who we are as a family. We love that we've met people often for the first time and it seems as if we're family. This was the case when we first met Jeff and Bethany last year around the time we both received our referrals and now with Brooke meeting for the first time. All of our children got along fabulously, playing, chatting, and just enjoying each others company. That's what families do right? These boys are so cute together and we are excited to watch their relationships grow. Wundim.

Bethany and Silas - WOOOOO

Silas was a maniac on the slide. He loved it.

Sweet little Leul.

Livi Girl!

Skyler, Leul, Nichol, & Olivia

Da Boys.

Skyler & Leul.

Birhanu is totally a mans little man, David came back to get us and was gearing up for the group shot as sweet little Birhanu found him and was practicing for his next GQ shoot. Isn't he adorable?! This is about as good as we got of the three boys together.
They were SO over it.
But Leul posed a bit for me. ;)

And the group shot!
Off to Gramma's we went, Silas met his Dzeda, uncle, and one aunt to be. Everyone was of course smitten. Who wouldn't be? The kids adorable and a hoot! Off to Bauman Farms for some produce, this mama was in HEAVEN!
Remember when I posted about the Gladheims? Well, if not go catch up and come back. We met. Yep, Jeff and Christy had us over for dinner, they also invited the Slaters and all of our kids had a SUPER time and our husbands all chatted it up as if they'd always known each other. I'm pretty sure they'll have an adoption journey to follow soon. ;) Thanks guys for having us over! We had a SUPER time. Who knew people who'd never met could hang out til almost midnight and still have things to talk about?

Two NICU buddies Kyle & Olivia - six years later. Thank you Jesus for these two precious kids.
Silas and Cohen.
The whole crew!
Thank you everyone for making our trip memorable. Our house is always open if your ever in Phoenix!


Heidi Klopfenstein said...

wow, fun trip. Are you serious, a kid was taken off the plane after it was going down the runway?!?!

Brooke said...

Love the pictures! I was totally cracking up about the "GQ" photo shoot. Yeah, Birhanu is a man's man.

Glad you all had a nice trip and made it home. Hopefully with no airplane issues this time. :)

We loved meeting you guys. Your family is so darling. I know you already know this, but your kids are so amazing.


Aimee- said...

Looks like you had a busy trip--but a lot of fun!

I have to say I am shocked as well--a kid off the plane?!? How old? What the heck were they doing? Crazy!!

Christy. said...

So great to see our fun in pictures! I had tears in my eyes when reading it.
We were so blessed to have met you and I pray that you can join us in our adoption journey soon!! :0)
I am so glad that our first bloogy meet up was with you all! You're entire family is amazing!
Glad you're home safe and sound!
Our extended family thinks Cohen looks great with Silas!

LISA said...

Erica,We're on our way!!!(i wish!)
Your trip sounds wonderful!You got to meet Birhanu? Ah, no fair!!
I LOVE Silas's hair! What did you do to it? Boy,i need lessons for our new daughter!Oh, and I'm still sane, just not as sane as i WOULD have been! LOL!!

Aimee- said...

Did I mention how grrreat your pictures are! Loved them all!

Stacie said...

Fun times! All the kids are too cute! I love seeing little Leul! I miss seeing his smiling face too!

Mom to many said...

Oh - how fun - makes me want to travel. I love all the pictures of the other children with Silas. Amazing! I sure hope I can come to Pheonix someday just to meet your family..

Blog Shmog said...

Fun! You were actually in my neck of the woods! but it doesn't sound like you would've had anytime to hang out anyway. Maybe next time though!

God's Girl said...

Looks like a great trip! I'm glad you had a wonderful time!
I always love seeing all of your great photos!