Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Catch Up. Amazing Husband. Six Months. Cute Baby.

WOW! Lots of re-organizing, re-doing, and cleaning going on over at this house lately!

First and foremost a husband brag. Pretty much the mans brillient. I could go on and on about the obvious.....amazing hubby.....super daddy.......pretty much.....he's the bomb....I love him. He'd tell ya I love him cause he built me a new desk but seriously....yeah I love cubbies....organized space.....but thats NOT the only reason. Its just one of the blog topics for today. My new desk! Err....our new desk! I designed it....seriously I didn't expect it to be perfect but David took it up a notch and added great little features that I LOVE! He spent a lot of time making it perfect, yet he'll show you how its not. Doesn't matter a little glitch here or there....I love it!

Back in Oregon David built a custom desk for my office, I never wanted to leave it but the buyers begged and we agreed. I've wanted another ever since but big man wasn't sure he wanted to build me one. However many desks later, me never happy with them for whatever reason I begged. I won. After nearly FOUR YEARS!! Its PERFECT!
Working from home full time, I need this. David works from home at times (more lately then ever before) and has a full office set up as well. We needed two desks but the kids wanted my office for a play room and honestly they needed it more then me. I work from my laptop about 75% of the time since bringing Silas home so this set up works PERFECT!
Look, he even built a stand for my computer guts, he hung up all my ugly cords because they make me crazy. He built me shelves for the paper, I have baskets behind that with my ink refills, I have a small book shelf for current books I'm reading. Seriously. Awesome. He sits on one side and I'm on the other. We are close enough to hold hands and sing kum bah ya but far enough apart in case we're driving eachother crazy with ones constant presence. (of course he's perfect and amazing this never happens - we're more the hold hands, kum bah ya type)

Okay enough is enough. On to the next topic.

Olivia has had growing pains lately. She should, the kid went from 42.5 inches to 46 inches in a few short months! No wonder her jeans are all short! This girlie has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She knows it. So does he. It works for them. David told me she needed tylenol. In my mind if it makes the kid quit complaining its a good idea. If it makes the child stop dragging her leg around as if she's seriously impaired, its a great idea. If it makes the child STAND instead of crawl, its a good idea. Tylenol administered.

Today it proved she'd heard her dad and I talk a little too much. Dragging her leg down the hall she loudly announced her leg was hurting her. Being the nurturing mom that I am I told her I was sorry her legs were hurting. She stopped and said "oh no mom, not both of them, just this ones growing" thats why its hurting. Oh okay - glad we have that cleared up.

Later in the week this same sweet girl asked me if I was friends with Elvis. Giggling a bit I said "Of course I am"! She asked if I liked him. I said SURE! She said oh good cause I just love him. (Possibly a little too much Lilo and Stitch in her past) Not two hours later she called her little brother Elvis after a new hair make over. NICE!

Yep, she's precious.

Today was Silas' six month post placement. I'll post more details on Silas' adoption blog but I'll show you this super cute snapshot I took of him for one of our sets of pictures. Look at how much he's changed!?!?! I can't believe we're coming up on SIX MONTHS!

For convenience sake our friends had their post placement with this Ethiopian cutie as well. Sweet baby Mikaleigh's christening is Sunday and her mama wanted some pictures in her beautiful gown. I obliged and also took a few other shots of her royal cuteness. Isn't she sweet?! We met her in Ethiopia not knowing she was coming home to Arizona!!! She's the happiest baby I think I've ever seen.

And now I'm off to teach a swim lesson. Fun times in the summer sun.


I Love Purple More Than You said...

Beautiful desk! Very nice work!

My Blessed Life said...

David once again you Rock!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

After seeing Silas on Sunday, I went on your adoption blog and compared the pictures of when you first got him! He has changed so much - but he's so adorable! I love that kid! I like your desk. Because I'm a visual person....your house is the same layout as Aimee's right? So is that the same place that they have the computer upstairs? Just trying to picture it! It's so perty!

Sarah said...

AWESOME DAVID!!! WOW! six months already...time flies! Miss you guys, give those kiddos a kid.

LISA said...

Nice work on the desk!
6 months!!???WoW! That went fast!

Nicholas said...

What a man! Go David! Erica it's just beautiful, I see alot of hand holding going on there!!! :)


Stacie said...

Cutie Silas! And, oh my goodness - the desk is amazing! I need one of those! :)
And - Mikaleigh is beautiful! Isn't it fun to see her home now after you met her in Ethiopia? (Kind of like I feel about Silas... I need to come visit!!)