Friday, June 6, 2008


Our dear friends Damon & Sarah are moving back to Oregon. They moved here almost 2 years ago but due to this crazy not so good market, missing family, and really liking the rain for who knows what reason; they are moving "home".

We met at church in Oregon when they were just newlyweds. Over the years our friendship has grown, we've walked some tough roads together, shared in joy and sadness, its going to be plain weird without them here. Sarah is my kids' "other" mom, (in Silas land, she's mom #2) she makes me laugh, reminds me that things don't always have to be spotless, and keeps me spontaneous. Girl, I'm gonna miss you.

We don't like saying goodbye so David and I put together this montage of memories to make you laugh instead.

Hopefully we're still friends after you watch it. ;) We love you guys!


Aimee- said...

Sarah we will all miss you! Thank you again for all the memories that you have given us while you were here! I love Jaxxon's painting!

Erica-I am sorry your buddy is leavin'! That is always hard! When are they leaving?

My Blessed Life said...

I love the video however it made me cry good thing I haven't put on my makeup yet. Thanks for the end it did make me smile.Sarah you Damon and the kids will be missed.

God's Girl said...

Wow! Awesome job Erica. Are you up for more jobs?

I really enjoyed seeing all the precious memories you shared together. A good and faithful friend is a rare and precious gift from God.

Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Should we pray that God brings them back soon?

emily said...

Ok, I hate goodbyes. I was near tears until JT came on. What a sweet friendship. I'm sad for you friend.

Sarah said...

Words cannot express, how that video makes me feel..All I can say is thanks...Goodbyes SUCK!

Villalobos Family said...

How precious Erica!!! Sarah...Dont go!!!