Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Visit From Aunty-Leah. Meeting Silas.

This past weekend was a busy one at our house. Mama's got the spring cleaning bug! My brother's wife was also in town for a few hours to accompany her big brother road trippin it home from college. Yep, the picture sure looks like he needs some company for the drive home.

We made the most of our short visit and of course Silas was the star of the show. Full of energy and ready to show off his talents to his auntie. He's one talented kid. Multitasking already.

Showing off his moves while daddy tries to keep him from whacking his head.

He's really hammin it up with his new tough guy pose.

Seriously people.
Olivia wasn't having her little brother steal all the attention and made sure she got her time in with Annaleah.

The girls............

But where was Skyler? Oh yeah.....he was there! Just avoiding all photo ops!

Of course we have to commemerate a visit with a picture of all the kids.


Amy said...

Great pictures! That Silas of your yours is a funny guy! I love the serious pose picture. :)

LISA said...

Cute pics!!! I see Silas still favors a phone!! LOL!
We still laugh about his homecoming conversation!

Unknown said...

How cute is he!!! WOW, Silas's hair is getting so long!

All your kiddos are so sweet!!!

My Blessed Life said...

I see that picture taking runs in the family. Your kids will never escapte getting their picture taken. Cute pics.

Brooke said...

Love the pictures. Silas's hair is is getting long. He is so darling! Your whole family is darling!

emily said...

Such cute pictures! I love the Parker family news- conference call! Tears for sure. :)

Mom to many said...

How beautiful. The kids look so cute together.