Monday, May 5, 2008

Red Letters Campaign (RLC)

Many of you have asked what the video in my last post was all about. I know I've posted here and on our adoption blog about our heart for orphans everywhere. Our trip to bring Silas home has left a permanent mark on our hearts for orphans, specifically orphans in Ethiopia. This adoption has been life changing and we are so thankful to God for working in our hearts and opening our eyes to the poverty around us.

David and I have been praying about where God wants us to get involved long term and this just seems to fit. God put people in our paths to encourage us, to share their heart, crazy enough much of it through their blogs. Its exciting to see God move among his people.

In short a group of friends have partnered with Tom Davis and Childrens Hope Chest. (the video I posted a few days ago) I ran across Angel's blog awhile ago not knowing all this was connected but kept checking in because of her AMAZING passion and love for Christ. Please read her blog as well. She'll inspire you and encourage you.

Today is the official launch of the The Red Letters Campaign Site I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it is to see God move in such a mighty way. I can't say it any better then what has already been said on the The Red Letters Site so I urge you to go check it out. Go watch the videos, pray, and maybe even join forces with this incredible group of dynamic christians determined to make a difference in the lives of Orphans across the globe. God has asked ALL of us christians to make a difference in the lives of orphans and widows. Below in red is a bit about the Red Letters Campaign, taken directly from the site.

We at the Red Letters Campaign (RLC) believe that YOU have the power to reduce extreme poverty, fight preventable disease and connect orphans with loving families. Our mission is to provide you the tools and a network of partners and like-minded people that enable you to be an active part of the solution - the way you want to participate.

RLC is a different kind of non-profit designed to support you in your passions - not the other way around. Whether your passion focuses on the HIV epidemic in Africa, providing safe drinking water to Central America or finding homes for children without families in India, we can connect you to people and resources that help you make a difference in the way that you desire.

Whether you’ve just recently become aware of the challenges faced by the orphaned, widowed and extreme poor or have already rolled up your sleeves and joined the front line, the Red Letters Campaign will connect you with the people and resources you need to turn passion into action.


Gwen Oatsvall said...

i am off to check out the site ... i read the book last winter and it changed my prayer life ...

Wendi said...

Thanks for your kind and encouraging post. We are honored to partner with each of your amazing families on this journey.
Wendi Henry