Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Watch What You Say!

My sweet husband has been spending a lot of time outside cleaning up the yard and getting things ready for summer. Silas loves to be with his daddy-O and David of course loves him too. One day last week the boys decided to give mom a break and headed out for the man store, Home Depot.

They came home and did "man" things around the house.

Including mowing the lawn which Silas thinks is one of life's greatest inventions.

Then it was time to get the big kids from school. Silas' other love would be the car. Any car. Any time. He ran to go with me, I told him to tell daddy bye.

What happened next shocked this mama. Out of my sweet little boys mouth came "BYE DADDY IDIOT"! WHAT? Did I hear that right? I asked for take 2. "BYE DADDY IDIOT". Uh hem, we don't talk like that, where did you hear that. And sweet Silas boy says "Daddy, car, VROOOOOM, Idiot"! Ahhhh!! Nuff said.

I walked over and asked David if he knew what our little precious was talking about. A bit confused, I asked if maybe he was driving and maybe didn't appreciate how someone else was driving and let a little something slip. Light bulb moment lemme tell ya. Priceless. I don't think we've laughed so hard.

Problem. One slip doesn't mean a three year old only says it once. We're having to retrain. After calling his siblings idiots, his yogurt an idiot for spilling, and his little friends idiots we were done. Now everything is "oh man"!

It goes something like this. Silas do you want some breakfast? "Oh man! Yesh, breakfast". Silas please don't hit your sister. "oh man"! He's taken it a little far but we're phasing out the "i" word as it is referred to around here now. A little "oh man" is a welcomed phrase.


Anonymous said...

Does it totally crack you up that he tried out his new word on his Daddy first?? 'Cause that might just be why I'm laughin' so hard. ;)

My Blessed Life said...

He is so cute. It's a reminder that we must always watch what we say they do repeat everthing they hear. After I laughed pretty hard I prayed God would erase that word from his little brain.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this little 3-year-old sponges! We have one, too, and I'm always getting on the boys for the things they say.

the Steiger's said...

Sounds like you boys had a good time. I wanted to ask you about the dress your girl is wearing in your family picture or is it an apron? Did you make it? I love it and I would love to have one for my girl. Thanks.

Nicholas said...


LISA said...

Erica, That is so funny! Shawn and I were on that subject last night and today! So perfect timing for your post!!(I don't call him a cuss word,Just a word that doesn't sound nice)I told Shawn last night my word for him would be "Darling"
Thanks for really letting me know I need to abide by the rule!! LOL!

Emily B. said...

LOL! Priceless :)

Gurskes said...

hahaha LOVE THAT STORY! Sounds like my little Parrot over here. I was just saying to Jeff last night "it is so amazing how this little guys can catch on to English sooo fast and TOTALLY know what they and us are talking about."

I am soo excited for June to get here HURRY!

Amy said...

This is a really sweet story! Sweet little Silas and his "oh man's"

Ok... LOVE the new blog stuff. You are a genius! Do you still want me to email you the template for my blog? Would that help with the header stuff? I will do it... I am such a slacker and haven't done it yet!