Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Olivia's First Kindergarten Field Trip

Today was Liv's field trip to the local wildlife zoo. She has been super sick with a double ear infection but she felt okay enough to go today which made her one happy girl.

Her first school bus ride was today and it was a little scary. The driver didn't have enough room to park so he did a LONNNG detour leaving mama's wondering where their babies were. They were fine and arrived just a little worried.

Soon enough we were on our way! I had four little kidlets in my group and we walked around with Makena's mom Misty and her little sister Maddy. We headed for the mammels first and saw itty bitty baby mice.

Some of them were so tiny they didn't even have fur.

It was really neat to see them so close to the glass.

The sloth were so cool to watch. It was like watching the nature channel in slow motion.

The flamingos are always fun to visit.

Here is our little flamingo group.

A rhino, zebras, camels, and more!

We were off to see the giraffe's! My personal favorite and these ones are really neat because you can feed them!

Check out this tongue!!

A Boat ride, train ride, and it was time to go!

It was perfect weather, we had a great time, and everyone did SUPER! Thank you Sarah for watching Silas. I really should blog about his first "babysitter". time. Also thanks for letting me borrow your camera to take these great pictures. I would have hated lugging my big one around. THANK YOU!!


Sarah said...

Yeah fun! Glad I could help. What are friends for?!?

My Blessed Life said...

Looks like a very fun successful day. I love doing field trips with my daughter.

LISA said...

That looks like so much fun!!

emily said...

Love the zoo!! :)

natalie said...

I haven't been there yet. We will have to try that one. It looks so fun and you can get so much closer than the zoo.
I also wanted to ask you if you would mind telling me the name of the website where you bought some of the Amaharic items. I forgot the name. I emailed you but I might not have the correct account.
Thank you,

Gwen Oatsvall said...

what fun ... i am off to the zoo next friday w/ my eldest son's class ... i do love the zoo and walking around listening to all the noises ...