Friday, February 14, 2014

Six Years. This Week. Adoption. Life Changer.

Six years ago this week we found ourselves boarding a plane to an African country we only knew in pictures.  We were in love with a little boy nearly 8000 miles away and we were his parents. We had promised to love him forever and always yet we'd never met face to face. We treasured those pictures and any other photo any traveling parent would kindly send us. Just like a mother falls in love with her newborn before they are born I was smitten.  

This little boy would change our lives, challenge our viewpoints, stretch us, and God would use him to change the trajectory of our family and other families. God would use this little boy to raise awareness, to speak up for those who couldn't speak for themselves and he would see fit to let this little boy wiggle his way into our hearts, and He would let us be his family. 

 Six years ago this week David and I met our son.  Just three years old. A short, stocky, loud, smart, spunky, well spoken little man. Silas Esubalew David we're BEYOND blessed that God allowed us to be your mom and dad. That he allowed us to be your family forever and always.  Nichol, Skyler, Olivia, and Zahra are better people because of you.  Your daddy and I are better parents because of you.  I'm so thankful for you son.  Thankful that God set you in our family, thankful that He allows me to be your mama.

Silas before we met him 
(thank you Jill for this picture)

Silas the thinker.  Such a perfect capture. 
(PC: Jessica Oh Photography)

Our first professional family photo 
(PC: Ruby Rideout)

The video is long but him jumping into my arms tells the story of a boy waiting for mama and daddy to come.

I can't not post this.  

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