Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why We Bought A Goat For Christmas.

Maybe some chickens too. 

Most people may find this odd or even crazy. 

Maybe you won't. 

 Maybe you'll join us. 

 Maybe you'll share your own family traditions. 

 Each year we always do our regular family Christmas traditions. You know the ones.......decorate the tree, eat pizza, drink hot chocolate with LOTS of whipped cream......listen to your kids debate whose turn it is to put the star on top....those kinds of things. 

 This year as David and I were talking about our family and things we want to instill in our kids we discussed starting a new tradition this Christmas. Giving to others in a tangible/sustainable/reproducible way. The easiest way to do that in our minds is by giving something that can produce/cultivate/sustain life. Things like livestock, garden materials, water. Things we take for granted. You see we wanted to do something that would not only impact another family but would impact our kids. Something that would help them see beyond themselves, something they could grab hold of, something that wasn't a traditional present.

 We talk about shopping with a purpose - I wrote about it HERE yesterday but we wanted something that was given with nothing in return. Something that was easily accessed here yet difficult somewhere else. Something we could talk about and decide as a family. 

 We did that last night. 

 We looked up what each animal did for the potential family. We talked about how the animal would help and what it would provide for the family and potentially a community. We took a family vote, goats and chickens came out on top.  I researched just about every single non-profit you could buy such things through because that's what I do and I want to know that our money, the money God has entrusted to us is REALLY giving a family what the organization promises and that they are wise stewards with that money. 

We've found what we're looking for in Kids Alive International.  That's who we chose to use for our goat and chickens purchase and we are thrilled to know that a precious family a world away will receive training and farm animals to help sustain them.

I'm so excited about this - I told David I wanted to buy a chicken for everyone I knew as a gift because it was SO cool!  (don't worry friends, I didn't.....)

So what are some things you've done this year to instill giving in your children?

 This was one of two things we started this year.  The other is our kids drawing names so they can give to one another in a succinct way.  If they don't have a steady income they have to do some extra chores for the money to purchase the gift.  Our kids love giving and its been fun to watch their creativity and work ethic as we cultivate giving more in our home.

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