Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Livi Lou!!!

I can't believe my little tiny baby girl is 11 today.  Where has the time gone?

Every time my girls have a birthday the song below plays through my head.  Yes, its an old song but its what goes through my head every birthday and the words are so true.  Life goes so quickly, I want to savor and treasure every moment the Lord gives, even through the hard.

Sweet Livi

Your life is a treasure.  Your sweet spirit is refreshing, you are the sweetest 11 year old girl I know, your kind to everyone you meet, you seek out those who are lonely, you want everyone to know about Jesus and you don't hesitate to share His truth.  HE shines through you.  It is an honor and a blessing to be your parents, you're growing into a beautiful young lady, we love you Livi Lou.

Time flies people.  

Olivia, you are a free spirit and a dreamer.

 Sweet and kind.

A Daddy's girl (he adores you precious girl)

An honor and joy to parent (I love that you still hold our hands)

Oh baby (you'll always be my baby) Liv, it is my prayer that you grow in your knowledge of the Lord, that you seek Him above all else.  That you set your eyes on things above despite the temptations of this world.  That you would not look to things to fulfill you but to our Sovereign King.  That you would serve others whole heartedly and without earthly reward.  That you would delight in Jesus daily, that you would love others well, that you would pour yourself out for the poor and needy.  I pray that your Daddy and I would be loving examples of what it means to do these things, that our lives would be a display of your Heavenly Father and that we would honor Him in raising you.

We love you with every bit of our beings and Jesus loves you more then we could ever imagine.  You are  a gift and we're so thankful for you.


Photo cred: Jessica Oh Photography

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