Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 of My Favorite Things.......Valentines Edition

1. Sevenly T-Shirts (this is my current fave)

2. Chevron Scarves (my friend is using these as a fundraiser for their adoption, you should buy one here)

3. Boots (see above picture) :)

4. Soy Lattes

5. Ivey Expressions (check her out here - she made my cute purse below and my Chevron scarf above AND stay tuned locals cause she's coming to my HOOD)

6. Pillow Covers (thanks to Jessica I'm obsessed with Etsy and all the pillow cover options) I mean seriously have you seen these or this  or this one? Cute!

7. The color yellow (are you surprised?)

8. Flip Flops (I just love them)

9. Starbucks mugs (this is my newest one)

10. Dark Chocolate, the darker the better.  I also really love Trader Joes Dark chocolate with black sea salt and caramel.  Its divine and you should try it.

11. Loud music (yep, the louder the better)

12. Walks on the beach

13. My new garden.  Yep, I'm growing all organic fruits and veggies.  Its gonna be awesome.

14. Hugs from my kids, yep even my bigs.  Lately Silas has been a major snuggle bug and I love it.

So, what are some of your favorite things?  Next up I'm writing our love story in installments leading up to our anniversary.  Yup.  

Oh and updated Ethiopia in the Spring coming soon too!

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Mama Mimi said...

Now this is my kind of way to celebrate Valentine's Day!!! =) Very fun....and I didn't know your friend makes yellow chevron scarves to raise money for her adoption!!! That is specifically what my SIL asked for for Christmas....her bday is coming up I may have to surprise her =)