Monday, January 21, 2013

Spring Ethiopia Trip 2013/Honoring Dr. King

The details.

I've had many email for details in regards to the trip and I'm working on those this week.

As with every trip I can plan and plan but ultimately God writes the details and I LOVE that.  His plans are far better then mine could ever be.

This past week I sat across from a newish friend who shared with me the obvious reality that God wants her on this trip.  I love hearing about those moments and I love that God has been confirming in her heart that she's supposed to go.

The details are still coming together, what I know is that this is not a "mission trip" of sorts but an advocacy trip.  You'll be introduced to ministries that I believe in personally and that have shown to be tried and true.  They have certain things that I believe are important and they have a story to share.  A story that you can be involved in, share with your friends, and make a difference in the lives of women/children, orphans/widows, families/the future.

I'll list the ministries soon, still finalizing a few things.  The biggest question is always money.  I work VERY hard to keep costs down and I've spent the last week crunching numbers.  

I'm pleased to announce that this trip will be 10 days/8 nights 
- all *airfare, lodging, transportation, meals, drinks, and a team shirt are included.


$200 Non-refundable application fee 
$750 due February 15th
$550 due March 10th**
$900 Balance due April 1st

Door To Door
April 24th-May3rd

*Up to $1500
**Once airline tickets are purchased fees are non-refundable

I am now accepting applications - please comment here if you'd like me to email one to you -  I'm working on getting it uploaded here.  This team will have a cap at 10 - two spots are already filled - 

I'll leave you with a picture quote I did in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  I am blessed beyond measure and thankful for that dream.  Grateful to a sovereign King Jesus that I get to mother these precious lives.

*photo credit Jessica Oh Photography


Cortney said...

yep, send me one for sure!

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Send me one!

Sassyfras Studios said...

ca you send me info at I have been waiting and wanting to make the trip and every time i have a wedding :)