Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall is here? Already?

I'm seriously not sure where the time has gone.  It seems that just a few weeks ago we were ringing in the new year, and not long before that we were bringing our sweet babe Zahra home forever.  I look at my very neglected blog (notice we don't even have an updated family picture, I'm working on changing that) and realize all of these things have zoomed by and I've been consumed with being Mom, Wife, Taxi Driver, Boo-Boo Kisser, Worker, Cheerleader, and any other suit that needs wearing at the time.

Here I am with all five kids in school, working like crazy, and planning for a return trip to Ethiopia in just a few short weeks!  I'm still a bit shocked that we have two kids in high school and by the end of this year Nichol will be 1/2 way through her high school experience.  Friends, I'm telling you TIME FLIES!  David and I are sure she was just a toddler not too long ago!  

All of the kids are doing great!  We had a bit of a rough start for sweet Zahra but her Daddy took care of that one (and the meanies who thought they knew better then her parents) and she's in an AMAZING school with the rest of her siblings, we feel so incredibly blessed.  Olivia proudly takes her "job" as "Safety Patrol" VERY seriously, she's doing very well, and she has an awesome teacher!  Silas.....well he's Silas and keeps us on his toes, its not easy keeping him challenged, he continues to ask deep questions (like what day were "land sharks created" because they can go on both land and in the sea, his poor Sunday School teachers) in an attempt to stump his parents and teachers.  He's a total joy, we're honored to get be his parents.  Nichol and Skyler are both active in Theater, they recently announced they'd be doing Grease this spring and they can't wait to see what parts they get.  I love being a Theater Mom, those kids are the BEST!

So this is a shout out to you as well - tell me about your start to the school year, update me on your adoption process, your kids, your families.  I feel WAY out of the loop and I'm TRYING to be better.  Hopefully more blogging to come - I have about 10 started......just haven't finished them!

AND in case you missed it......we're cleaning out shirts.....visit the store my husband set up for me (I think he was tired of all the shirts in bins) - there's LOTS of T's/Hats/Africa Cookie Cutters/Etc.  AND I still have a few of the Amharic LOVE T's right here on my blog.  Here's the post on what's still available:


three little birds said...

I'm wearing my new T right now Erica and seriously considering my first tattoo - love in Amharic!

Delana said...

Great pictures! I enjoyed reading about your family. I'm sure you are very experienced by now about adopting older children and the adjustment time that it takes...but here is one of my favorite books about it--