Friday, June 29, 2012

Project Hopeful. $50K. Final. Push. Friday.

Good Morning!

Yes, I have LOTS to blog about, like our trip to Europe, the wedding of our "little brother", Summer, Theatre Camp, Birthdays, and of course Fireworks stands!  BUT today I want to ask for your assistance in helping PROJECT HOPEFUL win $50,000!

YEP that's $50,000!!!  That's a LOT of money and will be used specifically to SPREAD TRUTH!!  YOU can be apart of it!!

Kiel and Carolyn are just regular people who love Jesus and others! It is their mission to SHARE truth with others so that MORE kids can come into FOREVER families!  They are you know, just your regular old parents with 14 kids.  You know...typical American family.  Okay seriously, no they aren't just regular people they are a LOUD voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, they are selfless, they SPEAK UP, (okay maybe they SHOUT UP) and they don't let the world define "normal".  GOD is their only audience and may HE be glorified in ALL they do, we do, and you do!

Here's how YOU can help!  We've only got about 36 more hours to go!

Blog. Then you can post your blog link on the linky below to show our support for Project Hopeful and join the blog hop spreading TRUTH and VOTES!! 
Share. On Facebook. With your friends. With your neighbors. With the WORLD!

These funds will NOT be used to line the pockets of ANYONE, ALL of the Project Hopeful staff is PURE volunteer!  ALL of these funds will go right into the ministries created all over the world to SUPPORT the message of TRUTH, to unite families, and to SPREAD MORE TRUTH!

Need more reasons then that?!

How about these little faces?

VOTE so MORE little girls get daily Daddy kisses!

VOTE so that MORE sparkly babies can have FAMILIES and jump on the trampoline!

AND SO SO SO important!!

VOTE so that more families can FIND their kids!!

PLACE YOUR VOTE for Project Hopeful TODAY!

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